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Geometry & New Math
January 20, 1996 - March 30, 1996

books about sex

organized by  Brian  Hannon

An exhibition exploring the relationship between the book and sexual practices, as well as the diversity of contemporary sexual experience and current attitudes towards human physicality, male/female relations, homosexuality, AIDS, and desire.
Guy R.  Beining
Properties of Sin
Paper, ink, plastic, latex with a spiral binding.
Douglas  Beube
Evolution: Seaman, Seemen, Semen
Three found books, altered.
Carolyn  Chadwick
Back to Back Poetry by Adrienne Rich and Judy Grahn
Gold and aluminum lettering on goatskin with Unryu tissue in a quarter leather dos-a-dos binding
Hilda  Daniel
Prisoners of Love (Stuck On You) (A Romance Novel), The
Mixed media, paints, adhesives
Sharon  Ellis
Atlas of Gender Reorganization
Cardboard, handmade paper, pop-ups and drawings in pen and colored pencils.
Franklin  Feldman
Kama Sutra Revisited, The
Etchings, aquatints, letterpress, handmade red linen clamshell box with gold stamping.
Sandy  Groebner
In the Winter Season
Black and white photographs, computer printed text, long-stitch binding.
Julie E.  Harris
Bearded Clam
Handmade paper, shell, palm frond, coral.
William  Harroff
Black Hole, The: The Clarence Thomas Hearings
Snowglobe, plastic, hair.
Adriane  Herman
Bed Time Stories and Other Recipes
Tempera, collage, pencil on found book.
Mary  Hood
Is This Love I Feel
Enamel, metal mending plate, linen, aquatint mezzotints, coptic stitch binding.
Diane  Jacobs
Letterpress, linoleums prints, coptic concertina binding.
Susan  Johanknecht
Screen-printed, hand-colored, sewn into Kraft-backed mull cover with flymesh slipcase.
of science and desire
Letterpress relief prints, black rubber binding
of science and desire
CD-ROM gold disk, letterpress printed label
Alastair  Johnston
Secretum Iter Et Fallentis Semita Vitae
(1983) Basingwek parchment, accordion spine. Soft cover book with perforated printed pages; 8 leaves. Book 3/5 in The Altered Page.
Jenifer  Newson
Screen-printed, hand-colored, sewn into Kraft-backed mull cover with flymesh slipcase.
Danica  Phelps
Hustler Pulp Beauty Treatment
Photographs of a performance with "Hustler" magazines and a blender. Two 8" x 10" photographs with frames. Open edition.
One Year Subscription: Boiled Hustlers
Boiled Hustler magazine, flasks, clamps, rack.
Lise  Poirier
Lemon Tits
(1995) Wooden box, Xerox transfers, rags, copper, brass, accordion binding.
James  Prez
10 Myths About Modern Men
Heat fused carbon toner on paper.
Judith  Ribicoff
A Sex Guide For Girls
Latex, pastel, colored pencil and graphite.
Susan  Rotolo
Collage, restored and altered 19th century photo album, leather binding.
Rochelle  Rubinstein
Song of Songs I & II
Heat transfers of handwritten text, linoleum prints over photographs.
William Bernard  Schade
O Cheese Wiz
Cotton, clay, straw, hair, Oriental binding.
Richard  Smith
Love and Other Four-Letter Words
Poetry by Richard Reitz. Velour, condoms, acetate, accordion binding.
Robert C.  Smith
Letterpress printing, electrostatic copy, two portfolios in slipcase.
Joan M.  Soppe
About the Linens
Handmade linen paper, letterpress, etching, found objects, coptic and dos-a-dos binding.
Michael  Williams
Male Gayze, The
Color photocopies, laserprinter paer, marbled paper cover, handsewn and bound.

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