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Susan Rotolo
Media Gallery in New York
New York, NY

Susan  Rotolo   is an Artist Member of The Center for Book Arts.


Susan  Rotolo's work was exhibited in
Celebrating Artist Members: 30th Anniversary Members Exhibition
 Organized by Roni Gross, Artist.
(2005) Pen and ink drawing, inkjet print on Magnani Velata paper
Open for Action: Political Book Art
(1995) Rubber stamps reproduced by copier and hand colored; parchment; accordion fold.
Paper, Art & the Book
 an exhibition of the innovative ways artists utilize paper to express ideas conveyed in books and broadsides
Pasta Phile: Spaghetti
(1995) Canson papers, De Cecco pasta box (altered), ribbons, mylar, beads; accordion binding
Geometry & New Math
 books about sex
Collage, restored and altered 19th century photo album, leather binding.
The Anthropomorphic Book
 the 1994 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Watercolor, silverpoint, pen & ink, linen, muslin, gauze, board. Adjustable supported concertina binding.

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