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Celebrating Artist Members: 30th Anniversary Members Exhibition
July 8, 2005 - September 10, 2005

Organized by Roni Gross, Artist.

This exhibition featured the work of the artist members of The Center for Book Arts. Each artist submitted a broadside in a limited edition of 100. The theme of this project is the celebration of the contributions of the artist members, past and present, to the growth of the Center and the field of book arts over the past 30 years.

Eileen  Arnow-Levine
She's Fallen Down Dead
(2005) Offset lithography on cougar natural white
Alice  Austin
Lousy Situation
(2005) Letterpress on Rives lightweight
Lynne  Avadenka
Many Books
(2005) Text: Book of Ecclesiastes
Photpolymer plates and letterpress on Mohawk Superfine
Karen  Baldner
(2005) Handmade paper, bleached and pigmented abaca with stenciled text/image printed from polymer plates
Delphi  Basilicato
Last Entry
(2005) Two sided, one side monoprint, the other side letterpress
Karen  Bell
Central Park
(2005) Digital photos, scanned fabric on double-sided matte inkjet paper
Crystal  Cawley
Time Sampler
(2005) Handset type letterpress on arches text laid, vintage clock faces printed by Raphael Tuck and Sons, circa 1900
Robert  Charlton
A Current Translation
(2005) Two color dyed lithorgaphs on Rives in evelopes sealed with wax
Deborah Phillips  Chodoff
Grey Matter
(2005) Inkjet print on Legion photo-enhanced paper
Sas  Colby
Performing Lines
(2005) Paint on appropriated image, inkjet print on Hahnmuele paper with letterpress
Ed  Colker
From The Petrarchan Folio (42r)
(2005) Letterpress and digital transfer on Arches
Ana  Cordeiro
(2005) Letterpress on map folder flexagon with vegetable parchment
Beatrice  Coron
Life by the book
(2005) Photocopy on metallic paper
Maryjean Viano  Crowe
Girl With Three Birds
(2005) Laser prints and acetate collage on cardstock
Joyce  Cutler-Shaw
The Poem of Bone
(2005) Digital image on handmade Japanese paper
Evelyn  Eller
(2005) Black ink copy on cream acid free card stock
Elsi Vassdal  Ellis
The Cost of War
(2005) Letterpress, wood and lead type, photopolymer on Mohawk Superfine #100 cover, folio fold
Dikko  Faust & Esther K. Smith
(2005) Letterpress from hand set metal type on unique papers (papier refusť)
Sharon  Gilbert
(2005) Quote from Winston Churchill
Watercolor acrylics, photography and photo copy on Canson watercolor
Joan Iversen  Goswell
Chairs on Acid
(2005) Digital print of eraser stamp images on Arches
Roni  Gross
The Last Words of Ruth
(2005) Drawing by Peter Schell
Letterpress printed from polymer plates on Saunders and han watercolored
Karen  Hanmer
(2005) Photographs courtesy of the Library of Congress
Pigment inkjet print on Mohawke Superfine
Mary  Heebner
The Hamlet Project
(2005) Pigment print with graphite and letterpress text and gold detail on Somerset Velvet and Kitaka
Gloria  Helfgott
Go Book, Pursue Thy Way
(2005) Relief print on Fabriano Ingres and Tiziano
Barbara  Henry
Hat Trick
(2005) Letterpress, linoleum
June  Hildebrand
A root's wrists exhausts
(2005) Letterpress, linoleum-cut on Curtis Flannel
Karen  Kunc
(2005) Woodcut and letterpress on Kitakata
John  Laudenslager
The Dark Day
(2005) Polaroid collage with Kodalithoverlay mounted on cardboard mounted on watercolor paper
Elena  Laza
(2005) Letterpress on Fine Art Paper
Nancy  Loeber
(2005) Letterpress and woodcut on Magnani
Lois  Lowenstein
(2005) With Alison Alpert and Shirly Venit Anger
Letterpress on Mohawk paper
10 editions of 10 each
Mikhail  Magaril
(2005) Letterpress from Magnesium plate on Japanese paper
Emily  Martin
(2005) Letterpress on Text Wove
Ruth  McGurk & Felicia Rice
He says, you write poems
(2005) Diptych
Letterpress on Magnani Incisioni Italia
Tadashi  Mitsui
(2005) Collage/assemblage with glossy postcard stock, metrocard and envelope
Rebecca Brandeis  Morton
A Note on Paper
(2005) Copper plate etching on Rives BFK
Jan  Owen
Sound of this Poem
(2005) Offset, hand "letter" in gouache, initial, brushmark and squares in metallic acrylic
Michelle  Raccagni
(2005) Woodcut on Zerkall
Benjamin D.  Rinehart
Still Bent
(2005) Polymer plate and woodcut on stonehenge beige
Marilyn R.  Rosenberg
Past and Present- 30th Anniversary Stamp Sheet
(2005) Color photocopy collage on acid free Hammermill
John  Ross
The City is the World
(2005) Letterpress, relief collagraph on Italia 80%
Susan  Rotolo
(2005) Pen and ink drawing, inkjet print on Magnani Velata paper
Sybil  Rubottom & Jim Machacek
(2005) Letterpress from polymer plates on Mohawk Superfine
Jen  San Miguel
Ink and Paper
(2005) Inkjet print, rubberstamped on Fabriano watercolor with artificial sinew thread and buttonhole stitch
Marcia  Scanlon
Long Night
(2005) Two color print- photogravure text and sugarlift aquatint on Somerset Velvet Bright White
Miriam  Schaer
They were so pretty yesterday
(2005) Dye-stained digital laser print with Xerox transfer on hand-sewn silk gauze and permalife, dress relief collograph
Champe  Smith
(2005) Letterpress with polymer plates on Rives BFK
Robert C.  Smith
(2005) Letterpresshandset type and digital graphics on various papers
Gail  Smuda
Life: Some Assembly Required
(2005) Offset printed on white and black mulberry paper with thread
Diane M.  Stemper
Bacterial House
(2005) Three color linoleum print with oil-based inks on Rives BFK
Larry  Thomas
Upon Reflection
(2005) Inkjet on found paper
Rita  Valley
A Periodic Table of the Alphabet
(2005) Mixed photocopied collages, vinyl, fabric, tape on acid free lignon free
Dana  Velan
Ash and Roses
(2005) Oil sticks on Stonehenge paper
Ellen  Wallenstein
Broadside Backside
(2005) Xerox print from photgraphs
Ewa Monika  Zebrowski
albergo / a roma
(2005) Hot stmaping (copper foil) on Johannot with 35mm color inkjet print

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