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Claire Jeanine Satin
Dania, FL

Claire  Jeanine  Satin   is an Artist Member of The Center for Book Arts.

Claire Jeanine  Satin's work was exhibited in
30 Years of Innovation: A Survey of Exhibition History at The Center for Book Arts, 1974-2004
 Organized by Jae Jennifer Rossman, Special Collections Librarian, Arts Library, Yale University.
JCMCJJ/Dancers on a Plane/Circle Book II
(1995) Aluminum, braided wire, acetate, brass filings, metallic inks, handwritten script, bound with braided wire
Textiles/Fibers/Threads: The Book Show
JCMCJJ/Dancers on a Plane/Bookwork XII
Aluminum, steel wire, perforations, ink/handwritten reassembled text
Annual Artist Member Exhibition 1998
 juried by Virginia Bartow, Steve Clay, and Deirdre Lawrence
Alphabook/Prehistoric Book
Photoetching, black & metallic inks. Ciralux bound box, water-jet cut tile, stamp binding.
Mysterious Worlds
 the 1996 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Dream Trackings
This day in history . . .
 the 1995 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Classical Book Trackings
The Anthropomorphic Book
 the 1994 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Black Screen Flip Book I
Black aluminum screen, steel wire, beads, metallic ink, plastics. 8 pages bound with wire.
Economy of Space
 Book Arts under four inches
JCMCJJ/ Dancers on a Plane/ Little Black Screen Book I
(1991) Braided wire binding with pages of painted aluminum screen, ink, steel filings.
Very Little Ghost Book
(1985) Paper covered book containing copier prints, graphite, metal powders.
Celebrating 15 Years
 new works by Artist Members
Structure of the Mind I
(1986) Handmade paper, dyes, aluminum, cast "M"s, mixed media/employing chance operations.
Fun & Games
 the 1988 annual Artist Members Exhibition
M'Grid Mass (Cages Series I)
hardware cloth, polyester, aluminum, silkthread
New Work
 the 1986 annual Artist Members Exhibition
In Situ Picture Book II
(1986) Xerox on handmade paper
Book Rate
 Artist Members Invitational
Little Ghost Graybook II
(1985) Mixed media
A DOZEN DAYS: Fresh Squeezed
 a series of small-scale book art exhibitions: hand made paper books from Floriday by Claire Jeanine Satin
Brass Book
Bronze Book
Button Book II
Drawing Book Red Knots XXI
Drawing Book XXIV
Drawing Book XXV
Gray Book II
Little Gray Book II
Little Gray Book IV
Little Gray Book VI
Open Book I
Paper Book Paper Book
Pleated Book I
Pocket Book
Silver Book II
Sky Book I
Sky Book I
Sky Book II
Sky Book III
Sky Book IV
Yve's Book

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