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New Work
August 13, 1986 - September 7, 1986

the 1986 annual Artist Members Exhibition

Lynne  Avadenka
A Meditation
Martha  Carothers
Love & Marriage
(1985) Handmade paper, letterpress, ribbon
Barbara  Cash
Seattle by Seattle, Chief of the Squamish Tribe, Puget Sound
(1985) Letterpress
Ed  Colker
Selections for the Essay on Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson
(1985) Offset edition of 200
Nat  Dean
Maquette for 6 Foot Glass Construction
Martha  Edelstein
(1985) Reed, thread, paper, acrylic
Evelyn  Eller
Journey at Sunset
Timothy C.  Ely
Cerebral Codex
(1985) Leather, acrylic resin. Barcham Green paper. Ink and watercolor drawings.
Dikko  Faust
Lilly Lou by Holly Anderson
Joan  Flasch
(1986) Amate paper, leather, thread, misc. Japanese papers
Jane  Freeman
(1986) Paper, cloth, plastic, sugar
Blackie  Freeway
(1986) Resin; One of a series of four
Suellen  Glashausser
Beige Zorro
(1985) Paper, pencil, thread
Ric  Haynes
Abandonment Complex Book, The
Gloria  Helfgott
Would You Not?
(1986) Paper, Wood
June  Hildebrand
(1986) Mixed Media
Sandra  Jackman
Hard to Tell
(1986) Collage book w/4 loose bookmarks
Kumi  Korf
(1986) Photograph by Marilyn Rivchin. Photograph and museum board.
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
Bird and Handbook, The
(1986) Paper, acrylic, pastel, glitter
Margot  Lovejoy
Cloud State IV
(1985) Offset edition of 100
Leigh  McLellan
Blank Country by Deborah Gregor
(1985) Illustrated by Madel Gregor; Letterpress, lithography, binding
Lise  Melhorn
Leaky Stories
(1985) Japanese paper, handmade paper, rubber stamped
Richard  Minsky
Untitled blank book of Rives BFK paper
(1986) Leather, acrylic, varnish
Beverly  Nichols
Front Dive, The (The Flying Mermaid)
Lois  Polansky
Anatomical Digressions -- Fall Volume
(1985) Mixed media on handmade paper
Sonya  Rapoport
Gesture Language
(1986) Photo, thumb print, xerox, plastic glove, color acetate, wrist band
Carol A.  Reed
Nightpoem II
(1986) Xerox polaroid photographs on embossed paper
Jane  Reese
Shell House, The
(1985) Ink, crayon, letterpress, electrostatic printing on handmade paper
Marilyn R.  Rosenberg
Circumambience Can Be
(1985) Color xerox edition of 10
Claire Jeanine  Satin
In Situ Picture Book II
(1986) Xerox on handmade paper
William Bernard  Schade
Giraffe of Moses the Black
(1985) Handmade paper, gold leaf, pen ink, gouache
Miriam  Schaer
History of Hosiery, The
(1986) Mixed media, painted silk binding
Anne Hicks  Siberell
Robbin Ami  Silverberg
Am I Here
(1985) Handmade paper
Esther K.  Smith
Lilly Lou by Holly Anderson
Jan  Sobota
(1986) Text (in Czech) by Otokar Brezina (title translates as "Hands"). Published by Sobota in 1981, letterpress on cotton fiber paper. Bound by Sobota in sheepskin over balsa wood.
Pamela  Spitzmueller
An Homage to Frank O'Hara
(1986) Copper, graph paper, fishing line, ink
Ronnie  Stahlecker
Masks of the Mind
(1984) Construction and letterpress on handmade paper
Carol  Sturm
Sun at Midnight by Muso Soseki
(1985) W.S. Merwin, trans. Woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi.
Laurie  Szujewska
Beach, The
(1986) Letterpress
Erica  Van Horn
Seven Virtues, The, (Accompanied by the 7 Liberal Arts)
(1985) Acrylic, paper board, buckram
Claire  Van Vliet
Seekonk Woods by Galway Kinnel
(1985) Photo by Lotte Jacobi; Letterpress, 3 photographs
Debra  Weier
A Merz Sonata by Jerome Rothenberg
Doug  Wolf
Sun at Midnight by Muso Soseki
(1985) W.S. Merwin, trans. Woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi.
Zena  Zipporah
Animal in Us, The
(1985) Altered book w/fur, shell, bones, found objects, drawing
Pamela  Zwehl-Burke
Book of Ours
(1986) Xerox

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