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Sandra Jackman
New York, NY

Sandra  Jackman's work was exhibited in
The Anthropomorphic Book
 the 1994 annual Artist Members Exhibition
How Two Multiply
Wood, paper, ink, collage, oil paint, enamel, altered photographs.
Economy of Space
 Book Arts under four inches
For Safe Keeping No Need to Read
(1982) Wooden and plexiglass box containing rolled paper scrolls.
Fun & Games
 the 1988 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Chinatown Tourist, The
mixed notebook items, found objects
Leaf Note Book Murder Mystery
wood, glass, found objects
The Altered Page
 selections from The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
Interrupted Reading
(1983) Wooden box with assemblage. Signed.
New Work
 the 1986 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Hard to Tell
(1986) Collage book w/4 loose bookmarks
A Survey of Bookworks by Photographers
 books that reflect visions not observed through a lens of a camera, but rather through the eye of the artist
From the Temptations of St. Simian
(1985) Photographs and mixed media.

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