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A Survey of Bookworks by Photographers
March 4, 1986 - May 2, 1986

books that reflect visions not observed through a lens of a camera, but rather through the eye of the artist

Douglas  Beube
Lake Keosaqua
(1980) Silver gelatin print with mixed media. Courtesy of Tony Zwicker.
Phyllis  Bilick
Paper Roll
(1984) Photographs in accordion fold book
Sas  Colby
Brownie Book of Paintings, The
(1981) Mixed media
John  Cornelissen
(1980) Book of photographs with sand overlay. Courtesy of Tony Zwicker.
Sara L.  Cushing
Soul Catchers
(1986) Book of photographs on handmade paper.
Timothy C.  Ely
(1986) Acrylic resin and graphite. Photoemulsion on paper, airbrush and foil-stamping.
Kathy Troup  Greenberg
Law of Error, The
(1986) Photographs, Art Stix and mixed media.
Axel  Heibel
(1982) Book of photographs on museum board.
Elizabeth  Horan
Interior Landscapes
(1986) Palladium prints on Crane's paper. Book bound by Candis Dixon.
David  Horton
In Celebration of the Discovery of the Abandoned Star Factory
(1982) Photographs and construction in mixed media.
Sandra  Jackman
From the Temptations of St. Simian
(1985) Photographs and mixed media.
Kumi  Korf
(1986) Photograph by Marilyn Rivchin. Photograph and museum board.
Michael  Kostiuk
Santuario de Chimayo
(1977) Book construction with hand-colored photograph and drawing.
Philip A.  Lange
(1982) Photographs on mural paper. Hand-colored with oil and colored pencil.
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
About Leaving the Nest, Spreading My Wings and Flying Straight
(1986) Mixed media, photograph and paint.
Scott L.  McCarney
Alpha Book 9
(1986) Accordion book of photogrammes on Rieves paper.
(1984) Book of photographs with construction. Courtesy of Tony Zwicker.
Richard  Minsky
Mind Screen
(1985) Album of 19th Century Japanese hand-colored albumen prints. Lacquer, enamel, gold leaf and varnish on gessoed board. Collection of Richard and Ronnie Grosbard.
Denis  Sivack
Random Access to Memory: Slide subject to change
(1983) Wood and photographic elements.

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