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September 21, 1985 - October 26, 1985

Artist Members Invitational

This survey of small books includes unique artists' books, limited edition fine press books, handmade paper pieces, and other works utilizing techniques ranging from xerox transfer and collage to letterpress, photography and silkscreen.

Cheloniidae Press  
The Black Cat
(1984) Letterpress, wood engravings
Iguana Press  
Scales Weights
(1985) Letterpress
Nadja Press  
The Candles of Your Eyes
(1985) Letterpress
Michael  Bartalos
TV Week
(1984) Neoprene
Phyllis  Bilick
Light on Brick Wall
(1982) Color Photos
Frances  Butler
Career Options
(1985) Offset
Patti  Capaldi
Poised Readiness
(1983) Xerox Transfer
Martha  Carothers
You Bet
(1985) Handmade paper, rubber stamps
Sas  Colby
(1985) Mixed media
Sara L.  Cushing
(1984) Mixed media
Barbara  Drucker
Red / Black , Exposure / Abandonment
(1985) Mixed media
Evelyn  Eller
Journey of the Mind
(1985) Color Xerox
Joan  Flasch
New Guinea
(1985) Mixed Media
Antonio  Frasconi
The Four Poplars
(1985) Letterpress, woodcut
Jane  Freeman
New / Improved
(1985) Acrylics on readymade book
Joann  Gramaglia
Tothmea's Sketchbook
(1984) Mixed Media
Charles  Heasley
Leisure Time
(1985) Serigraphy, collotype, letterpress
Axel  Heibel
Book Object
(1985) Paint on paper
Barbara  Henry
The Persuation
(1985) Linocut
Karen  Holden
Behind my Own Disguise
(1984) Silkscreen & letterpress
Channa  Horowitz
(1985) Color xerox
Suzanne  Horvitz
Paula from the Planet Techno
(1985) Mixed media
Sandra  Jackman
In Safe Keeping No Need to Read
(1984) Mixed media
Jerry  Kelly
For Laurie / A Collection of Love Poems
(1985) Letterpress
Kumi  Korf
1/7 of 2 Hours, 1 Day in One Summer
(1985) Collage
Ann  Kresge
Steps to Olympus
(1985) Lino-cuts & stitching
Ann  Kronenberg
Steps to Olympus
(1985) Lino-cuts & stitching
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
Domestic Screams
(1984) Offset
Sandra  Lopez
Finn Rock
(1984) Mixed media
Scott L.  McCarney
Yellow Hanging Accordian
(1985) Handsewn Diecut
Malachi  McCormick
The Cat and the Fiddle
(1985) Offset calligraphy
Lise  Melhorn
My Godů Ain't She Long
(1984) Letterpress, handmade paper
Raymond  Mingst
The Doleys: Old Bridge, New Jersey
(1981) Xerox, charcoal
Celia A.  Muñoz
Enlightenment 2, or Double Bubble & WWII
(1982) Mixed media
Franc  Palaia
Great Walls of China
(1984) Offset
Purgatory Pie  Press
No Aggro 86
(1985) Letterpress, longstitch leather binding
Sonya  Rapoport
(1985) Color xerox
Carol A.  Reed
Night Poem
(1985) Mixed media
Jane  Reese
Chrysalis and Imago
(1985) Handmade paper, mixed media
Gary  Richman
Doctor Dogwit's Inventory of Provisional Alignments
(1985) Offset
Joan Drew  Ritchings
Robin's Christmas
(1949) Letterpress
Rachael  Romero
The Rememberance
(1985) Eraser Stamps
Marilyn R.  Rosenberg
Coming Around (Another Axis Cycle)
(1985) Color xerox
Claire Jeanine  Satin
Little Ghost Graybook II
(1985) Mixed media
William Bernard  Schade
Bag Ladie Book # 2
(1985) Mixed media
Irene  Schwacman
We Grew Up in Manhattan
(1984) Offset, duotone photographs
Anne Hicks  Siberell
Good Heavens
(1985) Mixed media
A.G.  Smith
Circus Parade
(1983) Offset
Mimi  Smith
This is a Test
(1983) Offset
Jan  Sobota
Monte Verita
(1984) Decorated paper, handbound
Pamela  Spitzmueller
Preserved Book Series # 2 Aridity
(1985) Bookbinding, sand, jar
Phillip  Sugden
Mixed media
Vincent  Uccello
(1985) Marbled paper
Erica  Van Horn
Seven Lady Saintes
(1985) Silkscreen
Claire  Van Vliet
Of Gravity and Grace
(1982) Letterpress
Adrienne  Weiss
An Arcade of Stories
(1985) Offset, handbound
Don  Willcox
So Hard to Bury
(1984) Letterpress
Paul  Woodbine
(1984) Letterpress

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