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Frances Butler
Poltroon Press
Berkeley, CA

Frances  Butler's work was exhibited in
Out West
 The Artist's Book in California: Part 1, Northern California
Wing Kit No. 2
(1989) pine, paper, common hardware/ text burned into wood
Literate Letterpress
 an exhibition of finely printed editions of works by contemporary authors
Critical Dreams by Jess
(1986) Printed and published by Poltroon Press. Printed in Ehrhardt on Baskingwerk Parchment paper. Quarter bound cloth with Fiji Unryu paper. Signed by the author.
Tropologue by Dawn Kolokithas
(1986) Printed and published by Poltroon Press. Printed in Baskerville on Warren's O.S. paper. Casebound in grey cloth with printed endsheets. Signed by the author.
Book Rate
 Artist Members Invitational
Career Options
(1985) Offset
Well Read and in the Pink
 Artists Color Saturated Books in Red + Pink
Instead of an Animal
From the Kempe Collection
Center for Book Arts: The First Decade
 an exhibition at The New York Public Library
Gesture Outward
(1984) Perforated plexiglas; metal hinges.
New Dryads . . .
(1980) Being a Suite of pochoir-colored prints…depicting Fashionable Dress observed in the Diurnal Realm. Published Berkeley, Poltroon Press. "This work has been photographed, written & printed by Frances Butler and Alastair Johnston." Letterpress, pochoir.

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