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Well Read and in the Pink
March 15, 1985 - April 30, 1985


Artists Color Saturated Books in Red + Pink

1/2 Japanese 1/2 Animals-Not Beasts
(1982) Offset edition
From the EK Smith Museum
Roberta  Allen
Traveling Woman Book I
(1984) Painted pages
Lent by Tony Zwicker
Lynda  Barry
Girls and Boys No. 13
(1980) Xerography and rubber stamp
Lent by Stephanie Brody Lederman
Phyllis  Bilick
Spring Messages
(1985) Handmade paper
Lorraine  Bodger
Lorca Poems
(1979) Letterpress, cut paper, watercolor
Vin  Buchan
The Venerable Bead
(1985) Paper, vellum, beads, linen thread, ebroidery silk
Maris  Bustamante
Historia de una Fiesta
Offset with baloons
From the Kempe Collection
Frances  Butler
Instead of an Animal
From the Kempe Collection
Amy  Chaiklin
Urban Mermaids
(1982) Acetate, collage, net and pink plastic
Lori  Christmastree
Mother/Mate Messages
(1981) Handmade paper, letterpress
Conifer Press
Lent by Tony Zwicker
Peter  Craigie
It Comes in a Plain Brown Wrapper
(1983) Xerography with enclosures
Moon Studios Press
From the Kempe Collection
Phyllis  Galembo
Pale Pink
(1983) Offset edition
Visual Studies Workshop
From the EK Smith Museum
Kay  Hines
Hand to Hand Combat Manual
Painted glass, wood, and rubber gloves
Lent by F.S. Underhill
Susan  King
I Spent the Summer in Paris
(1984) Offset edition
Paradise Press
Michael  Kostiuk
Plug Book
(1983) (from the Plumbing Series)
Lent by Tony Zwicker
Magali  Lara
Los Zapatos de Tacon
Offset accordion book, boxed edition
From the Kempe Collection
Warja  Lavater
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
(1965) Lithography
Adrien Maeght, Paris
From the Kempe Collection
Leporello Dongiovanni Dongi
(1982) Lithography
Lent by Tony Zwicker
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
Stretch Kitty Limo
(1985) Acrylic and collage and crayon on museum board
Dave  Morice
Dot Town
(1982) Letterpress
Toothpaste Press
From EK Smith Museum
Bruno  Munari
Libro 8
(1980) Felt and Button
Edizioni per Bambini, Milan
From the Kempe Collection
Jorgen  Nash
(1961) Lithography
A. Rasmussen, Copenhagen
From the Kempe Collection
Yani  Pecanins
(1982) Rubber stamp, collage, box of cards
Cocina Ediciones, Mexico
From the Kempe Collection
Robert  Peters
(1981) Letterpress
Sombre Reptiles
From the Kempe Collection
Lois  Polansky
Notations for Anatomy Handbook
(1985) Handmade paper, paper, gold leaf
Courtesy A. Millikin Gallery
Niki de  Saint Phalle
The Devouring Mothers
(1972) Lithography
Gimpel Fils, London
Lent by Stephanie Brody Lederman
Ntozake  Shange/Wapo Holup
Some Men
(1981) Offset edition
Lent by Stephanie Brody Lederman
Esther K.  Smith
Salmon Rose
(1985) Fabric and found objects
Fausta  Squatriti
The Cloud Eye
(1969) Lithography
Sergio Tosi, Milan
From the Kempe Collection
Walasse  Ting
Hot & Sour Soup
(1969) Lithography
From the Kempe Collection
Pedro  Uhart & Luis Mizon
(1980) Silkscreen
Biren, Paris
From the Kempe Collection
Erica  Van Horn
I am Trying to Exorcise the Demons of My Life
(1984) Painted pages and book cloth
Lent by Tom Zwicker
Stella  Waitzkin
Morocco Bound
(1973) Resin and Brick
Adrienne  Weiss
A Pocket Museum
(1980) Letterpress
Anita  Wetzel
Sea Ribbons
(1982) Silkscreen with ribbons
Women's Studio Workshop
From the Kempe Collection
Martha  Wilson
(1974) Offset
Allan  Winkler
Today is My Birthday
(1980) Gestetner copier
From the Kempe Collection

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