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30 Years of Innovation: A Survey of Exhibition History at The Center for Book Arts, 1974-2004
April 15, 2005 - July 1, 2005

Organized by Jae Jennifer Rossman, Special Collections Librarian, Arts Library, Yale University.

Over the last 30 years the Center has presented over 140 exhibitions with the underlying purpose of explaining and exploring the concept of book art. This exhibition will survey the Center's rich and diverse exhibition history. The majority of the Center's past exhibitions fall into five broad categories: Community, Concept-Driven, Object-Oriented, Spotlight, and World View. A selection of contemporary and classic works from the more than 1200 artists who have exhibited at the Center will illustrate these themes and will reflect the Center's consistent focus on the future of the book arts.

Barton Lidice  Benes
Censored Book
(1974) Book tied in rope, nailed, gessoed and painted.
Douglas  Beube
Portable Library
(2004) Unique sculpture, mixed media (altered books)
Phyllis  Bilick
Paper Fold Book
(1985) Black and white photos and museum board
Sarah  Bodman
GM Future
(1999) screenprinted text with inserted, found pages
Margarita Becerra  Cano
Satanic Loves
(1994) Letterpress printing, photographs, handmade paper, mixed media.
Martha  Carothers
Good War, Bad Peace
(1991) Letterpress, LaserWriter, pencil and hand-stamping. Bound in cloth covered boards.
Josely  Cavalho
My Body is My Country
(1991) Silkscreen on vellum paper, folio in plastic case
Ed  Colker
Beneath the Trees
(2003) Letterpress, lithography in portfolio
Beatrice  Coron
(2001) Inkjet, pochoir, modified accordian binding, clock sculpture
Maureen  Cummins
Stocks and Bonds
(2001) letterpress and collage
Lesley  Dill & Peter Kruty
The Thrill Came Slowly
(1996) Letterpress with hand work, Japanese silk tissue paper with silk thread, wire, shellac, stab binding
Helen  Douglas
(2003) Offset lithography, Fyneblade paper, sewn binding with card cover
Mindell  Dubansky
Crown Jewels, The
(1981) Photobook necklace and earrings of gold tooled Nigerian goatskin and beads in hand decorated paper box lined with crepe de Chine.
Evelyn  Eller
Altered States
(2004) Portfolio with tipped in pages
Timothy C.  Ely
(2005) Etching, various drawing materials, wood, aluminum, chalk, sand, glass, leather, D'Arches paper, drum leaf binding
Roni  Gross
Letterpress with linoleum cuts, Oriental stab binding.
Walter  Hamady
(1988) Letterpress, handmade papers, exposed sewn binding
Gloria  Helfgott
(1998) Ink and thread, Fabriano Tiziano paper, adhesive binding with acrylic painted tartalin/leather cover
Barbara  Henry
A Pale Slice of Sea
(2000) Letterpress, Mohawk superfine paper, 4 signatures sewn into handmade paper wrapper
Sandra  Jackman
Daddy's Warbook
Unique book, altered book and photographs, clayheads, plexiglass box
Susan  Johanknecht
(1997) Plastic cover with pamphlet stitch
Leandro  Katz
Libro Quemado
(1995) Offset printing, coated paper, post binding
Susan  King
Women and Cars
(1983) Accordion fold with 21 panels, hard cover binding, offset limited edition by Paradise Press
Women and Cars
(1983) Accordion fold with 21 panels, hard cover binding, offset limited edition by Paradise Press
Women and Cars
(1983) Accordion fold with 21 panels, hard cover binding, offset limited edition by Paradise Press
Kumi  Korf
Hunter-Gatherer: Family Business; Mario
(2002) copperplate Hahnemuhle paper, Masa waxed paper, Denrill, stainless steel rods
Barbara  Kruger
You are an Experiment in Terror
(1984) Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art
Hedi  Kyle
April Diary
(1979) Watercolor and color pencils, various oriental and domestic papers, laminations, flag binding
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
(2003) Unique book, acrylic, graphite on wood and board, cardboard and found objects, buckram binding
Helmut  Löhr & Proud Hansa
Visual Letters
(1990) Lithograph and screen prints, spiral binding
Mary Ellen  Long
Bonnet II: Decades
(2004) Watercolor, ink, Japanese Kozo paper, pamphlet and stab bindings, antique bonnet, thread, lace
Emily  Martin
Family Game, The
(2003) Family Game, The
Barbara  Mauriello
Moon Over the Mountain
(2004) Collograph printed from cardboard plates, St. Armand paper, goatskin molded over shaped boards, plastic buttons and leather ties, double sided accordian-fold box
Scott L.  McCarney
State of the Union/ LIVE
(2003) Inkjet prints, duct tape, plastic sheeting, Mohawk superfine paper, stab binding
Ruth  McGurk
Cannibal Ants
(1996) Letterpress, reduction linocuts, BFK Rives/ Canson paper, longstitch binding
Richard  Minsky
Fourth Ammendment: Neuromancer
(2002) Limp leather binding, slipcase with hologram and circuit board
Jonathan  Monk
Cover Version
(2004) Offset printing, stapled binding
Sonya  Rapoport
Animated Soul: Gateway to your Ka
(1992) Strip printing, Papyrus, spiral bound
John  Risseeuw & Beauvais Lyons
(2001) Lithography, letterpress, screenprint with motor oil and dirt, Rives heavyweight paper, modified accordian binding
Additional text by John Nolt
Marilyn R.  Rosenberg
Borderland/Borderline Homeland/Homeless
(2002) Unique book, ink, handwriting, handmade paper, glues envelopes and papers, interfolded, collage
Claire Jeanine  Satin
JCMCJJ/Dancers on a Plane/Circle Book II
(1995) Aluminum, braided wire, acetate, brass filings, metallic inks, handwritten script, bound with braided wire
Miriam  Schaer
With In My Reach I
(2004) Gloves, acrylic, ink, handmade asian paper, accordian binding
Susan Joy  Share
Turnip Shrine
(2002) Resin, styrofoam, plastic, tyvek, felted wool, paper, accordian binding, with embedded shoelaces
Robbin Ami  Silverberg
Clutter of Love is a Dream Carved in the Head of a Pin
(2003) Inkjet printed text, pastels, cutouts, Dobbin Mills papers, case binding
Pamela  Spitzmueller
Preserved Book Series, #38
(2000) Glass jar, book, sand
Telfer  Stokes
8 Minutes
(2002) Offset lithography, CF Smith, Accent Fresco papers, stitched binding
Carol  Sturm & Douglas Wolf
Fox Sleep
(1996) Letterpress, 5 unique paintings, handmade paper
Paintings by Mark Schwartz

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