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The Works of Edition Balance
September 16, 1994 - October 15, 1994

Contemporary Book Arts from the new Germany

Henry  Günther
(1991) Broadside with woodcuts by Guillermo Deisler.
idyllic evening / abendliche idylle
(1992) Broadside with woodcuts by Guillermo Deisler, 35 copies translated into French by Alain Jadot.
(1991) Broadside with woodcuts by Guillermo Deisler.
Kerstin  Hensel
Eye Path / Augenpfad
(1994) With 7 lithographs by Angela Hampel. Typography by Thomas Glöß. Edition: 50 copies and 10 artists copies. $612.50
Farewell is Done, The / Der Abschied ist gemact
(1993) Broadside. Color woodcut by Ruth Tesmar.
Johannes  Jansen
(1991) Short story with 10 original drawings by Wolf Spies. Limited edition of 35 copies (unique books).
Hans Hiob
(1993) An excerpt, with original drawing and 6 seriagraphs by the author. $300.00.
unrestricted with care / zügellos sorgsam
(1993) Broadside. Text drawings.
Friederike  Mayröcker
Poem of the Tailor / Proëm auf den Anderungsschneider
(1992) Broadside. Woodcut by Johannes Strugalla.
Karl  Mickel
Kant's Monkey: A dialogue among the dead / Kant's Affe: Ein Todtengespräch
(1993) with 9 original etchings by Nuria Quevedo and a signed musical score by Friedrich Schenker. Edition: 50 copies and 10 artists' copies. $612.50.
Gabriele  Wohmann
(1992) Short story with original illustrations by Guillermo Deisler. Edition A: deluxe copies 1-25; Edition B: copies 26 -100. $375.00 (Edition B).

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