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1991 Spring/Summer Faculty Show
January 3, 1991 - January 26, 1991

Carol  Barton
Tunnel Map
Douglas  Beube
(1990) Found book, glass, tempera, paper
Electronic Voodoo (from performance)
(1987) Found book, pins, feathers
Galileo: The Discovery of Two Great Worlds (But Not for Your Eyes)
(1987) Found book, razor blades, wax, acrylic
Seduction of Empty Words
(1990) Found book, tempera, mousetraps
Susan  Bohm
(1987) Dyed cotton pulp, cast of hand cut letter forms and found objects; Series of 3
(1988) Dyed cotton pulp, cast of hand cut letter forms and found objects
I saw a Bumpersticker saying: I love Life
(1986) Letterpress, embossed
Six Poems
(1986) Letterpress, wood and linocuts
Virginia  Buchan
Kitchen Table / Crazed Sewing
Vellum Basket Sewing
Kathy  Caraccio
No Title
(1990) 1987-1990; 16 water based wood block prints on Washi
Ted  Clausen
Untitled ("for the common good")
Henrik  Drescher
(1989) Poote Press; letterpress
Timothy C.  Ely
(1989) monoprint
Anita Lynn  Forgach
Legends of Deities and Celestial Beings, The
Etching on handmade paper
Silenced Tongues
Etching on handmade paper
Sun in the Tree, The
Etching on handmade paper
Christy  Hale
Tamed Goose, The
(1990) Poems by Eammon Wall, linocuts by Christy Hale
Gloria  Helfgott
Arabian Nights
(1990) Inks, metallic threads, copper hardware loth, leather covered boards (Courtesy Ted Cronin)
(1990) Handmade Indian watercolor paper, sand, graphite, egg shells, linen thread, ink, concertina binding, leather covered boards, nickel washers
Scrap Book
(1989) Handmade paper, cotton embroidery threads, acrylic paint, linen cord, leather covered wood boards
Edward H.  Hutchins
(1990) Wood, paper & cotton pulp in corked bottle
State Plates
(1990) Colored cast cotton fiber, lamp cahin binding
Judith  Ivry
A Father's Legacy to his Daughters, by the Late Dr. Gregory
All pages deacidified, washed, resized and mended. Sewn on recessed cords using original sewing stations. Period marbled edges. Full sprinkled calf over laced boards, blind tooled Cambridge panels, blind tooled spine panels, morocco label. Cloth chemise and leather edged slipcase with marbled paper sides.
Affaires De Coeur, Text of Paul Morand
1934. "Flexible" sewing on 5 cords, laced in boards, marbled ends. Gold tooled diaper pattern on Oasis goat, blind tooled title. Silk lined dropback box.
All the works of John Taylor The Water Poet
1973 Scholar Press Facsimile of 1630 edition. Sewn packed on 5 alum tawed thongs, laced pasteboards. Blind tooled hide covers, gold tooled title on spine.
Aquarelle and Zeichnugen
Sewn on linen tapes, double tiered silk endbands, tongue and slot construction. Leather over boards, leather onlays, gold tooling. Double tray fold down drop back box, cloth covered four flap folder.
God's Country and my people
Sewn on single cords, worked double tiered endbands, full leather binding, Oasis onlays, gold tooling, fitted cloth chemise. Paper covered slipcase with leather edging
Jerry  Kelly
Devil's Thoughts, The, Text of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Daniel  Kelm
1991, Religio-Scientifica
1st state working model, English Yew box (work in progress)
(1990) 1st state working model for collaboration with Timothy C. Ely
Thistles and Thorns
(1987) Goatskin binding, cast paper cover panel (collaboration with Elizabeth Solomon)
Susan  King
Lessonsfrom the South
Say See Bone, Lessonsfrom French
Nora  Ligorano
I Am Legend
Blank model of full leather tight back binding on three double raised cords
Ruth  Lingen
(1989) Poote Press; letterpress
Joan  Lyons
Gynecologist, The
Nick  Marchetti
Wind in the Willow
(1981) Edge gilding
Alison  Marek
TV Stars
(1990) Pencil on paper
Barbara  Mauriello
Icones Plantarum
More Gaudy Nights
(1988) Mixed media; gouache, crayon paintings, gold tooling, and collage with a concertina binding. Housed in a box.
Paper Quilts
(1979) Quilt patterns on handmade paper
Scott L.  McCarney
Alphabook 3
(1986) Die-cut duplex, hand assembled
(1981) Offset broadside
In Case of Emergency
(1984) Offset and die-cut; Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art
Memory Loss
(1988) Four colors offset on 65# Mohawk Superfine Cover, accordion fold, glued into black embossed covers. Hand assembled by the artist.
Safety in Numbers
(1986) Offset, hand cut & bound
(1982) Sewn and hand cut paper
Mark  McMurray
Bruce Rogers Selected Letters
Lost & Found, Text by Daniel Berrigan
Roses, Text by Diane Wakoski
Richard  Minsky
Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up
(1991) Text by Bob Colacello. Case binding, computer ink-jet on primed canvas, acrylic, diamonds
Lois  Morrison
Mound Man & Ste. O
Ste. Ostrich in Manhattan
Lois  Morrison & Julie Chen
Ste. Ostrich in Manhattan
Carole  Naggar
Book of Icarus
Book of Sand
Anna  Pinto
Duras Quote
(1990) Text of Marguerite Duras, Italic calligraphy in black ink, gold powder and leaf on Fabriano paper
Susan  Rostow
Oil Spills
Star Fish
Star Fish III
Miriam  Schaer
Alpha Lumina
Jungle Book
Wedding March
Susan Joy  Share
Child's Play
(1990) Acrylic painted bookboard and cloth base, photo and paper collage pages. BOOKS
In Foreign Trade
(1990) Board signatures sewn to cotton tapes, acrylic on paper, etchings, xeroxes, snaps. BOOKS
Topographic Release
Value of Goods, The
(1990) Board signatures sewn to cotton tapes, acrylic on photos, shredded money, snaps. BOOKS
Robbin Ami  Silverberg
(1990) Linen & cotton paper pulp painting
Room of Heather
(1990) Linen & cotton paper pulp painting
Carol  Sturm
Autumn Variations
Overdue Pilgramage to Nova Scotia
Pyramids & Sphynxes
Some Opposites
To Shape a Song
Griselda  Warr
Box of Cubes
Shadow Man Photos
Trout Fishing
Carol  Wax
Grandpa's Microscope
(1983) Mezzotint
Greensleeves I
(1988) Mezzotint
Greensleeves II
(1988) Mezzotint
Party Line
(1990) Mezzotint
Remington Noiseless
(1986) Mezzotint
(1989) Mezzotint
Paul  Wong
(1987) Handmade paper

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