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Book Artchitecture
March 5, 1985 - March 29, 1985

an exhibition in which the structure of the book supports the metaphor of the content or is the content

organized by  Richard  Minsky

Douglas  Beube
Wildman, The
(1982) Ceramic with leather thongs.
Phyllis  Bilick
Message Book
(1982) Painted wood and dyed paper.
Nat  Dean
(1980) "Girdle book" of black Oasis leather; mounted paintings.
Mindell  Dubansky
(1985) One size fits all. Mixed media.
Joan  Flasch
(1984) Paper, alum tawed pigskin thongs.
(1984) Bookcloth, leather thongs.
Gary  Frost
Five Binding Structures
(1984) 1. Long stitch; 2. Unsupported sewing, laced; 3. Supported sewing, laced; 4. Laced case; 5. Case construction laced.
Tracts of Moses David and the Children of God, The
(1979) Mixed media. Loaned by The Newberry Library.
Maria  Grandinette
(1981) Paper, ribbon.
Ric  Haynes
Aquatic Yoga with Dangerous Foods
(1983) Mixed media. Loaned by The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry.
Randolph  Hunt
Bi-Focal Book: Memory and Diary
(1980) Leather, bookcloth.
Hedi  Kyle
April Diary
(1979) Laminations of various oriental and domestic papers, reversed writing, images with watercolor and color pencils. From the collection of Richard Minsky, New York, NY.
(1984) Mixed media.
Jenny  Leimert
(1983) Mixed media.
Barbara  Mauriello
Women of the Bible: From Abigail to the Queen of Sheba
(1985) 16 cubes covered in remnants of an 18th century illustrated book with handwritten text on paper accordion inside each cube, all in a cloth folding box.
Richard  Minsky
Tetrascroll, Model of Buckminster Fuller's
(1979) Bookcloth. Loaned by Polly Lada-Mocarski.
Jan  Paris
Horn Book #2
(1983) Mixed media.
Susan Joy  Share
Vivian's Photos
(1984) Eight acrylic painted photo-collage books connected by a common cord. BOOKS
Pamela  Spitzmueller
End to End Band
(1982) Mixed media.
Stiff Spine/Soft Underbelly
(1984) Mixed media.
Stella  Waitzkin
H. -- A Biographer
(1984) Sandstone and resin.

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