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Racism: An American Family Value
July 8, 2009 - September 12, 2009

Organized by: Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Artist, Teacher, and Independent Curator; and Alexander Campos, Executive Director of The Center for Book Arts.

This exhibition investigates how visual artists have used the printed word in their artistic practice to address one of the country's oldest and most challenging social problems. Mixing humor with subversive symbolism, the art exhibited reveals the vast reach of contemporary book art as practiced by a wide spectrum of American culture.

Film Night: Proceed and Be Bold! Feature Documentary on Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. Wednesday, August 5, 6:30 pm

Artist Talk: With Nicole Caruth. Featuring artists from the exhibition.
Wednesday, August 19, 6:30 pm

Gallery Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm
Saturday, 10am-4pm
Admission to the galleries is free.

Manuel  Accevedo
Military Stream
(2008) Mixed media
Monkey Business
(2008) Mixed media
Tomie  Arai
Remixed (detail from instalation)
(2003) Silk screen
Resident Aliens: Magnetic Poetry Project
(2004) Silkscreen
Jamil  Azim
The Book of What... Plain Insanity or Just Evil
(2009) Rope, fabric, plastic wrap container
Karen  Baldner
Mix & Match
(2000) Ink drawing
Ben  Blount
ABC: An Abecedarium of Black Culture
(2005) Letterpress from polymer plates
Africans in America
(2009) Offset print
(2007) Letterpress from polymer plates
Michael Paul  Britto
Poor Choices in Life and Speak, 1-8
(2009) Vinyl on mirror, 8 mirrors
United by Hate, 1-9
(2009) Vinyl on mirror, 9 mirrors
Josely  Carvalho
Does Culture (Box of Ancestors)
(1990) Inkjet print on acetate, paper, text, light, mirror, woman's handbag
My Body is My Country
(1991) Silkscreen and offset on paper with acetate cover box
Irene  Chan
Asian American? Project
(2007) 35 business cards, print media on paper
Maureen  Cummins
Anatomy of Insanity
(2003) Letterpress printed book
The Business is Suffering
(2003) Letterpress and silksceen
Rory  Golden
See Related Story: the Murder of JR Warden
(2007) Mixed media drawings and audomobile rearview mirrors
Ken  Gonzales-Day
Erased Lynching Series
(2006) Lightjet prints mounted on cardstock
Hang Trees
(2006) Printed booklet
Stop Lynching (Buttons)
(2006) Buttons
Caren  Heft
The Blues and Juives of Dr. Hepcat
(1994) Letterpress on Root River Mill papers; sewn binding
Text by Alan Govenar
The CORE of James Farmer
(2003) Letterpress on Root River Mill iris and daphne papers; sewn binding
Text by Detine L. Bowers
The Life and Poems of Osceola Mays
(1989) Letterpress on Root River Mill abaca papers; bound on vellum tapes; contains a tape of Osceola Mays reciting her poems and singing spirituals
Text by Alan Govenar
Barbara  Henry
Love & Violence
(2009) Letterpress / Linolium cuts
Jayson  Keeling
Annihilating Rhythm (a portrait of Grace Jones)
(2007) Glitter and debris on canvas
Maureen  Kelleher
(2002) Paint, paper and engraving on wood
James II, Reprise
(2008) Mixed media: paper, wood, paint, engraving on wood
Glenn  Ligon
(1992) Soft ground etching, aquatint, spit bite, and sugar lift on paper, Four units
Miguel  Luciano
Cracker Juan
(1998) Archival Inkjet Epson print
Jason  Lujan
Selections from the American Indian Activist Handbook
(2004) Inkjet on newsprint, t-pins
Clifton  Meador
The Long Slow March
(1996) Offset lithography
Douglas  Miles/Apache Skateboards
Happiness is a Warm Gun... Bang bang shoot shoot
(2009) Screen-print
Shervone  Neckles
Primary I
(2004) Fabric, polyester filling, wood / iron desk and book
Soldier Stories
(2007) Double accordion fold, mounted board covered with green linen
Jessica  Peterson
Cause and Effect
(2009) Letterpress printed on handmade paper
Adrian  Piper
Forget it!
(1991) Color offset lithograph
Rosae  Reeder
(2009) Letterpress and ink jet
Philosophy of Race: altered race cards
(2009) Inkjet
Lisa Beth  Robinson
(2009) Letterpress and linoleum cut
Karina Aguilera  Skvirsky
North East South (detail from installation)
(2008) Photography and video
Danny  Tisdale
The Last African American in the 22nd Century
(1994) Offset printed
Kara  Walker
Freedom, A Fable: A Curious Interpretation of the Wit of a Negress in Troubled Times
(1997) Bound volume of offset lithographs and five laser-cut, pop-up silhouettes on black card stock, leather binding
Kara Walker
(1997) Hardcover book with gold leaf cover
Shu-Ju  Wang
(2004) Print gocco
Pocket Atlas for Travelers
(2002) Print gocco, gouache, acrylic
Carrie Mae  Weems
Made for Him, Made for Her
(1995) C-prints and etched glass
Lynne  Yamamoto
(1993) Pressed paper and paper pulp

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