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Shervone Neckles
Baldwin, NY

Shervone  Neckles's work was exhibited in
I will cut thrU: Pochoirs, Carvings, and Other Cuttings
 Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director and Amber McMillan, Artist and Instructor
Topsy Ann-Marie
(2005) Printed cut-out self-portrait
Racism: An American Family Value
 Organized by: Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Artist, Teacher, and Independent Curator; and Alexander Campos, Executive Director of The Center for Book Arts.
Primary I
(2004) Fabric, polyester filling, wood / iron desk and book
Soldier Stories
(2007) Double accordion fold, mounted board covered with green linen
Fun & Games (and Such)
 Organized by Alexander Campos, CBAs Executive Director and Julie Chen, Artist
The Tales of Red Rag Rosie & Little Miss Pinky Paper Doll Story
(2004) Construction paper cutouts on blackboard with white chalk
(un)Contained Vessels
 Artist Members Annual Exhibition, Co-organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director, The Center for Book Arts, and Pamela Spitzmueller, Book Artist and James W. Needham Chief Conservator for Special Collections, The Harvard University Library and the College Library
Granny's Kitchen Area Cabinets
(2007) Collaged digital prints, mixed media with wall paper; set of 4 boxes

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