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Mutilated/Cultivated Environments
June 29, 2006 - September 16, 2006

Artist Members Annual Exhibition, organized by Carol Barton, Artist and Alexander Campos, CBA Executive Director.

organized by  Carol  Barton
 Alexander  Campos

This exhibition approaches the subject matter of landscape and other related environment in an inclusive and diverse manner from sculpture forms to traditional letterpress books and prints. The goal of this exhibition is demonstrate the conceptual presentation of topography in book arts rather than the traditional illustrative manner. Many of the works are considered altered books that were carved into 3-dimensional landscapes while other artists use typography and/or mix-media to suggest terrain.
Andre Lee  Bassuet
Conversations in the Sky
(2005) Silkscreen, Asian cord
Douglas  Beube
Border Crossing
(2006) Altered Book; zippers
Susan Goethel  Campbell
(2006) 3 parts; photographs, mixed media on magnetic sheeting
Ana  Cordeiro
5th Attempt to Express the Feel of a Hay Field
(2006) Mixed media, black and white prints
Beatrice  Coron
San Cristobal de las Casas
(2005) Cut Arches paper
Joyce  Cutler-Shaw
The Sycamore Leaf Canopy
(2003) Mixed media
Steven C.  Daiber
(2005) Photo album, lithograph, collage, maps
Kristy  Deetz
(2005) Carved wood, encaustic, boar's hair
Tommaso  Durante
Terra Australis
(2003) Offset printing/paper
Anne  Gilman
All George Bush's horses and all George Bush's men couldn't put the world back together again
(2004) Mixed media with wax, vellum, thread, graphite, charcoal, pencil, dry pigment
Emily  Gold
(2006) Arched paper, matt board, mixed media
Janet  Goldner
Can We Acknowledge?
(2003) steel
Katarina  Jerinic
Proposal for a Walk Through a Patch of Grass
(2005) Archival inkjet print, temporary tattoos, photocopied map
Mary Jane  Kidd
Field and Clouds
(2006) Collage, mixed media
Kumi  Korf
Clouds, Sticks, Stones and a Stream
(2006) Used tarlatan, stone, sticks, plastic, foam core, intaglio prints on Japanese paper
Guy  Laramee
The Grand Library
(2003) Sandblasted books, steel, wood
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
On Small Summer Roads
(2006) Acrylic, found materials
Mary Ellen  Long
Winter Pressing '05-'06
(2006) Wire-wrapped nature altered paper, natural elements
Ken  Montgomery
Want Tiki Bars and Luaus
(2006) Laminated newspaper clippings, rubber stamps, tape
Heidi  Neilson
Atlas of Punctuation
(2004) Mohawk Superfine, coverboard paper, letterpress
Tara  O'Brien
(2005) Plexiglass, soil, seeds, water
Amee J.  Pollack
Community Directory
(2006) Altered book, carved, collaged, waxed community directory
Laura  Russell
Urban Decay
(2006) Archival digital inkjet prints, stained Tyvek flyleaves, plywood
Rocco  Scary
Your Very Own Personal Escape Route
(2006) Handmade Gampi paper, oxidized metal, mixed media
Tennille Davis  Shuster
(2005) Letterpress printed, handmade pineapple leaf paper, palm fronds, flagbook structure
Katrin  Sigurdardottir
Molding wood, wire mesh, lamps, ribbons
Robert C.  Smith
Ocean Motion
(2006) Case bound fabric, cut Canson paper, digital type, watercolor insert
Laurie  Spitz
Community Directory
(2006) Altered book, carved, collaged, waxed community directory
Susan  Weinz
(2006) Inkjet prints on mixed papers, mixed media
Sam  Winston
A Dictionary Story
(2009) Lithograph, concertina binding
Liz  Zanis
Potential New Friend Waiting Area Two (Maspeth)
(2006) Screenprint on balsa and aircraft wood

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