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NYC/Paris DIALOGUE Paris/New York Printmaking Project
October 14, 2005 - December 3, 2005

Organized by Maddy Rosenberg, Independent Curator, New York City, and Devorah Boxer, Vice President, Le Trait, Paris.

This exhibition brings together the works by 18 American artists and 18 French artists to highlight the role of the artist printmaker and the contrasts between the American and the French approach to the medium. The artwork included will span printmaking from the traditional to the more unconventional, with techniques ranging from intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen to photo and digital processes. American artists include Desiree Alvarez, Kumi Korf, Hillary Lorenz, Florence Neal, Miriam Schaer, among others. French artists include Louis-Rene Berge, Yves Jobert, Helene Laffly, Jean Lodge, Marie-Antoinette Rouilly Le Chavallier, among others.

Desirée  Alvarez
Three Pages for a New Book of Kells
(2005) Site specific installation
Drypoint, woodcut, and silkscreen on Trevira Silk. Courtesy of Cork 05 European Capital of Culture
Doug  Bennet
Fragments 2
(2001) Intaglio on Lana Gravure
Fragments 3
(2001) Intaglio on Lana Gravure
Louis-René  Berge
Comme l'Énigme se Détache
(2001) Engraving on Hahnemuhle
L'énigme n'est Jamais Née
(2005) Engraving
Maya  Boisgallays
(2003) Engraving & mezzotint on Rives BFK
Helene  Csech
(1999) Drypoint
Asya  Dodina
Reflection #3
(2001) Monoprint on Rives BFK
Reflection #7
(2001) Monoprint on Rives BFK
Susan  Dunkerley
Let it Spill
(2003) Lithograph, silkscreen on Lennox
(2003) Lithograph, silkscreen on Lennox
Dianna  Frid
The Waves
(2003) Etching, aquatint, cut paper, letterpress on Rives BFK
Anne  Gilman
Contra el Mal de Ojo (Against the Evil Eye)
(2002) Mixed media, digital on Arches, accordian binding
(2003) Mixed media, digital on Arches, accordian binding
Sylvie  Heyart
En Cet Instant Fragile IX
(2003) Etching, collage, encaustic
En Cet Instant Fragile VIII
(2003) Etching, collage, encaustic
Florence  Hinneburg
Devoirs de Vacances
(2005) Etching on Moulin du Gué
Empreinte de l'Absence
(2005) Mixed media on Moulin du Gué
Robin  Holder
Rest in Peace
(2003) Stencil monoprint, digital images & text on Rives BFK and rice paper
Valley of Queens
(2003) Photo silkscreen on Rives BFK
Anura  Idupuganti
(2005) DVD, 32 minutes
Catherine  Keun
Bras Croises I
(2001) Mezzotint, drypoint
Bras Croises II
(2001) Mezzotint, drypoint
Kumi  Korf
Document Storage
(1986) Intaglio prints, thread, wooden board
Family Tree House
(1989) Intaglio print
Helene  Laffly
Autre Temps, Autre Lieu
(2001) Aquatint, etching
Dans le Silence de la Memoire
(2001) Aquatint, etching
David  Lantow
(1992) Lithograph, woodcut, linocut, hand coloring on Arches
Sympathetic Detonations
(2005) Linocut cover on Somerset Satin, laser print interior, stab binding
Angela  Lorenz
Fragrance Grifters
(2005) Digital print on Arches watercolor, accordian binding
Handbook of Phrenology
(2000) Letterpress, etching on Canson, handbound with slipcover
(2004) Carborundum, drypoint, handwriting on Hahnmuhle, videobox cover
La Nuit Incertaine
(2004) Carborundum, drypoint on Hahnemuhle with plexiglass cover
Rene  Lynch
La Belle est la Béte
(2000) Giclee, faux fur, ribbon on Somerset, vellum
Prospera's Island
(2002) Watercolor, collage, color Xerox, digital print text on handmade paper with painted mulberry bark binding, clay "tooth" closure
Martin  Müller-Reinhart
Le Temps Reside
(2004) Silkscreen & mixed media on Arches
(2000) Silkscreen & mixed media on Arches
Agnes  Murray
(1986) Lithograph, calligraphy on Crisbrook
Translated and bound by Sahra Partovi
Calligraphy by Jerry Kelly
Florence  Neal
(2005) Laminated digital prints, bracket bound flip book
Distant Flames
(2005) Digitally printed on Rives BFK
Translated by Wendy Walker and Rabia Zbakh
Dominique  Neyrod
(1999) Aquatint on Lana
Sarah  Plimpton
Black Palette
(2004) Letterpress with aquatint - book of poems (my own)
The Over and Over
(2002) Letterpress, aquatint on Arches
Maddy  Rosenberg
Dance of Death in 3 Parts
(2003) 3 Digital flip books in handmade chest
Stone Wall
(2005) Digital (scanned drawings) on Somerset Velvet, accordian binding
John  Ross
Home for Hominstructs
Collagraph, letterpress, magnetized gate portfolio
(2001) Letterpress type, intaglio images on Murillo paper
Technical formulas by Al Weiss
Binding by James Di Marcantonio of Hope Bindery
Marie  Rouilly-Le Chevallier
Fragments de Reves
(2002) Etching on Hahnemuhle
Miriam  Schaer
Golden Apples
(2005) Site-specific installation
Opera gloves, acrylic, digitally printed inset accordian book
Her Grace
(2004) Site-specific installation
Child's dress, acrylic, silk, plastic toys, found, objects, handmade Indian paper, inset codex sewn on cords woth hand-cut lettering
Homeless at Home
(2005) Site-specific installation
Opera gloves, acrylic, ink, silk, digitally printed book
Translated by Armand Schwerner
(2005) Site-specific installation
Opera gloves, acrylic, digitally printed inset accordian book
Money Singing
(2005) Site-specific installation
Gloves, acrylic, silk, plastic toy money, digitally printed in set accordian book
Night of the Thirteenth Moon
(2005) Site-specific installation featuring seven books, various sizes, mixed media installation
One Heart
(2004) Site-specific installation
Girdle, acrylic, silk, Indian handmade paper, inset handshaped book, hand cut lettering
She Knocks the Tears Away
(2004) Site-specific installation
Doll dress, acrylic, ink, digitally printed
Shirley  Sharoff
Les Amazones sont Parmi Nous
(2005) Etching, aquatint, paper, cut-outs, letterpress on Rives BFK
The Waves
(2003) Etching, aquatint, cut paper, letterpress on Rives BFK
Christiane  Vielle
Oedipus Filius
(1999) Aquatint on Zerkall pur fil
Barbara  Yoshida
Knot Nots: A Fairytale
(2000) Letterpress, photogravure, chine collé on Mohawk Superfine with Mexican bark paper cover
Letterpress by Renate Gokl

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