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Sarah Plimpton
New York, Ny

Sarah  Plimpton   is an Artist Member of The Center for Book Arts.


Sarah  Plimpton's work was exhibited in
NYC/Paris DIALOGUE Paris/New York Printmaking Project
 Organized by Maddy Rosenberg, Independent Curator, New York City, and Devorah Boxer, Vice President, Le Trait, Paris.
Black Palette
(2004) Letterpress with aquatint - book of poems (my own)
The Over and Over
(2002) Letterpress, aquatint on Arches
2004 Artist Member Juried Exhibition
 juried by Mindell Dubansky & Milan Hughston
Somewhere Else
(2003) Letterpress, woodcut, linocut
2002 Artist Members' Juried Exhibition
Edges Are Steps
(2001) Box by Claudia Cohen; Fabriano tiepolo, aquatint, letterpress
Annual Artist Member Exhibition 1998
 juried by Virginia Bartow, Steve Clay, and Deirdre Lawrence
Forgetting to Count
Letterpress and aquatint, book contained in box.
Mysterious Worlds
 the 1996 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Inky Fingers
 works by small & fine presses
Sun in the Road, The
(1990) Author and artist: Sarah Plimpton. Aquatints and letterpress. Loose pages housed in a box.

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