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Peter Kruty
Peter Kruty Editions
Brooklyn, NY

Peter  Kruty's work was exhibited in
Letterpress Showcase
A Treatise on Mushrooms
(2001) Excerpts by John Cage, Roland Barthes, and Kirsty Cunn; Twinrocker may linen paper, acrylic paint
My Life in the Gulag: A Personal Account of Life in Siberian Labor Camps by Justin Merk
(2001) Handmade Thai mulberry paper, kozo paper
Guiding Hands
 Center for Book Arts 1992 faculty show
Journal Details, 1980-88
By Robert Petersen
AP 8 in a finished cypress box
(1989) Collage, handcoloring, photoengraved letterpress, 4-color offset lithography and inlaying.
BCA with Peter Kruty Editions

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