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David Sellars
b. 1949
Camberwell School of Art & Crafts

Worked as a t rade apprentice in hand bookbinding while studying a Bradford College of Art. Continued his studies in bookbinding at Camberwell School of Art & Crafts before leaving in 1975 to set up The Manor Bindery, Hampshire. Was elected a fellow of Designer Bookbinders the following year. Currently he divides his time between lecturing and working as a book artist from his own studio. [1987]

David  Sellars's work was exhibited in
Book Works, London
 an exhibition of contemporary British printers, binders and visual artists
An Autobiographical Outline by Ezra Pound
(1985) Black goatskin binding, scratched and drawn over 3 leather and vellum thongs attached to three clasps.
Bloomsday by Morton Levitt and Saul Field
(1987) Leather over binders board and cork inlaid into covers
In Memoriam by Alfred Lord Tennyson
(1979) Covered in reversed goatskin, dyed and inlaid with sculpted leather encapsulating leather dust. Nylon guitar string sewn through cover. UV perspex case with base made from wood and modelling compound covered in leather.
Peter Grimes by George Crabbe
(1985) Handmade paper with leather over board inlays. Reverse goatskin spine.
Selected Poems by S. Softer Damon
(1987) Covered in reverse goatskin, inlaid with reconstituted leather; vellum and leather flap with clasp. Box made of wood millboard, string and leather.
Book Makers
 Center for Book Arts first five years
Miscellaneous Poems, by Andrew Marvell
(1979) (Binding 1979). Linen, leather parings, pva, snap fasteners

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