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K. Franklin Spoor
Salisbury, CT

K. Franklin  Spoor's work was exhibited in
Celebrating 15 Years
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Bindings [example 1]
(1989) Boxed sketchbook Strathmore sketch/water color paper bound and boxed in hand marbled Noisy Crow paper (oil and turpentine) with a double letter c.
Bindings [example 2]
(1989) Guard book for pictures of icons/Hand-bound 5 signatures of 4 pages in Noisy Crow papers (acrylic)
Bindings [example 3]
(1989) Notepad bound in Noisy Crow paper marbled in a contemporary version of Spanish Wave (acrylic on art paper)
Boxes covered [example 1]
(1989) Basswood box interior acrylic paint covered with Noisy Crow paper of multiple marbling to produce a "stone" surface
Boxes covered [example 2]
(1989) Basswood Jewelry box/Interior acrylic paint covered with Noisy Crow paper of "stone" surface containing 12 fold marbled paper earrings of the same paper
Boxes covered [example 3]
(1989) Playing card box with score pad/Interior acrylic paint covered with Noisy Crow paper combed in a traditional pattern, brass hinges
(1989) Six assorted notecards of Poseidon paper with envelopes, Noisy Crow papers tipped on

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