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Jo Anna Poehlmann
Milwaukee, WI

Jo Anna  Poehlmann's work was exhibited in
Annual Artist Member Exhibition 1998
 juried by Virginia Bartow, Steve Clay, and Deirdre Lawrence
Strike Up the Band -- in Three Volumes
Hand-lettered in pen and ink, screen fold -- perfect bound.
This day in history . . .
 the 1995 annual Artist Members Exhibition
History Buffs
(1995) Edition #1
The Anthropomorphic Book
 the 1994 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Table of Contents with Appendix
Canon laser color copies, Xerox, wood, acrylic, glue, collage
Economy of Space
 Book Arts under four inches
Hawk Eyes
(1985) 16 hand-painted lithographs in a round wooden box with leather tiles. Courtesy of Tony Zwicker.
Travelling / First Class
Accordion fold book with stamps in a 'suitcase' box with a passport for a colophon. Courtesy of Tony Zwicker.
Book Arts in the USA
 an exhibition of work by 51 artists; a cultural presentation of the United States of America
Drawing in a Nutshell
(1985) Hand watercolored and pencil lettered stone lithograph on accordion folded one-ply Strathmore paper in walnut shell with other nuts in burlap sack.
Celebrating 15 Years
 new works by Artist Members
So Have a Canary!
(1987) Pen and ink, xerox, ribbon, watercolor, rubberstamps, collage, rice paper, one-ply Strathmore, found object, construction, bird seed.

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