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Papermaking Rhyme

Peter  Thomas
Donna  Thomas

Letterpress printed on handmade paper by Peter Thomas. Bound in non-adhesive structure of handmade paper with gold stamping.
3 x 2 in

Being a book artist is more than just making books, it's living and breathing books. It's about becoming so involved with the subject matter that the physical attributes of the book reveal themselves. It's about listening to the materials invoke the proper text. It's about loving those materials and knowing them so well that you feel their desire to be used in the book you are making. We didn't begin our artistic careers planning to be artists of the book. It was more a case of being called, inspired with the desire to make a "good book": one that through the materials, in the text, by the visual and tactile impact, will move the viewer from the everyday to a new place, a place that harbors the mystery and joy of life, a place that stirs the soul.

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