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Healing Scrolls

Kumi  Korf

Mixed media
12 x 7 1/2 x 4 in

I take great pleasure in exploring the 3-dimensional space of sculptural books. TREASURE HOUSE, both an assemblage of small objects and a scaled down monument or stage set, is dissected in four equal parts. The walls are hinged such that each section can move inside and outside. The stage set-like sections arrange themselves in several different ways, the grouping of objects also change. This book needs to be handled and manipulated in order for its full range of views to unfold. The "text" of this book is the surreal narrative suggested by the interplay of the objects, the structure, and the space. The ability of viewers to manipulate books is a great aspect of sculptural books. HEALING SCROLLS is to be tilted back and forth in one's hands. The humble noise of the rolling scrolls and the shaking of brown rice in the double box expands one's imagination for the healing of all ills. One is encouraged to have seven healing prayers.

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