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Marcia  Ciro

Acrylic, film, wood, metal
8 1/2 x 13 x 24 in

My work is based on traditional and non-traditional bookbinding techniques. My blank books, rooted in the craft of bookbinding, use conventional materials (paper, linen cord, etc.) combined with the unconventional (plastics, found objects, etc.). These books use and break the rules of the craft, while hopefully resulting in an aesthetically pleasing object. My sculptural work references the form of a book for its informational qualities. I try to manipulate these inherent qualities to create mixed media/sculpture that deals with the confusion of information around us. I am interested in the contradictions which result form both the use of materials (natural and man made) as well as the symbols they represent, creating a dialogue or story between form and content. I consider each of these pieces to be a narrative and conceptual statement in both materials and structure.

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