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Records of a Weary Journey

Mary  Ting

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I am a second-generation, Chinese-American visual artist working in a variety of formats from installations, sculptures, drawings and print, to artists' books. // Within my visual language of limbs, beaks, wounds, roots and symbols, lies a narrative. It is my intent to imbue my work with layers fo silent emotions and psychological states inspired by family and personal experiences. // The work also refers to images from Chinese folk art, philosophy and superstition. Families bear so much sadness and are rarely able to seek mercy and compassion. For me, creating art serves this function. My work can be viewed as the residue of experience, evocations to loss and a personal quest for understanding and resolution. // Many of the thoughts and concepts in the bookarts pieces are related to larger projects in other formats. // The book pieces enable me to "think aloud" and to create series of thoughts, meditations and ideas on an intimate level.

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