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Dikko  Faust
Esther K.  Smith

(with Donna Ratajczak and Jessie Hartland) hand set letterpress type and photo-engravings,
letterpress printing
edition of 150
text by Donna Ratajczak
illustrated by Jessie Hartland
published by Purgatory Pie Press

Purgatory Pie Press' Esther K. Smith and Dikko Faust use handset wood and metal type, letterpress and hand book binding to make collaborative editions of contemporary art. // Dikko Faust experiments with typography and letterpess as a printmaking medium. Esther K. Smith art directs and edits, designing the page, concepts and book structures. // [. . .] In "Travelog: Guidebook and Map" Smith and Faust worked with writer Donna Ratajczak's text for several years before choosing the map format to present the story as an artists' book. // After trying several approaches to the map image, they hired illustrator Jessie Hartland to make the drawing of Baltimore circa 1974, focusing on the sites of main character Arthur's drunken forays. // Contemporary luddites in Purgatory, stuck between art and design, they cling to the actual and the tactile in this slippery, virtual world.

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