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The Naked Book
March 21, 1980 - April 5, 1980

an exhibition curated by Susan Share to "expose" the book

Brian  Allen
Steve  Anderton
Pat  Apatovsky
Debi  Barbaro
Phyllis  Bilick
Janet  Bloom
Lorraine  Bodger
Marcia  Bricker
Robert  Carvin
Norman  B.  Colp
Mindell  Dubansky
Dikko  Faust
Janice  Glander-Bandyk
Bob  Holman
Paul  Jaeger
Jeanne  Jaffe
Lisa  Kaplan
Donna  Kosow
Hedi  Kyle
Bernie  Maisner
Victor  Mignatti
Ademola  Olugebefole
Barbara  Press
Larry  Racioppo
Marcy  Rosenbloom
Kathy  Schinhofen
Julie  Siegel
Cindy  Soltoff
Charles  Stanley
Michael  Uytenbogaart
Antonia  Weil
Sarah  Wells
Betty  Winckler

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