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January 16, 1981 - February 13, 1981

the sequential image in photographic books

organized by  Norman B.  Colp

Fifth Point of the Compass
(1980) 1977-80. 16 color prints. Edition made on order. An unbound boxed book.
Ania  Bien
Grass Roll
(1980) 7 black and white photographs. A single section casebound book and photocopy duplicate.
Phyllis  Bilick
Windows, P.S. 1
(1980) 12 color photographs. Unique. A cloth bound book.
Norman B.  Colp
(1979) 10 color prints. A casebound book.
Barbara  Crane
Tucson Sequences No. 8&9
(1980) 20 Polaroid prints. Unique. A Japanese bound book.
Conrad  Gleber
Chicago Sky Line
(1977) 24 two-color images. Signed unnumbered edition. A riveted fan book.
George  Griffin
Face Phases
(1976) 54 offset black and white images. A staple flipbook.
Charles  Hovland
Flaming Photos
(1980) 8 color photocopied images. Unique. A Japanese bound book.
Wolf  Kahlen
Worn Out Pictures
(1980) 12 black and white photographs. Unique. An accordion fold book bound by Denis Gouey, New York, NY.
Richard  McKown
Farmhouses, Thomaston, Maine
(1980) 47 hand colored black and white photocopy images. Unique. A scroll.
Antonio  Mendoza
Growth Calendar, The
(1978) 12 photocopied images. Unique. A plastic spiral bound book.
Bruce  Nauman
Burning Small Fires
(1969) or 1970. 15 black and white images. Unnumbered edition. One sheet fold out book.
Klaus  Schnitzer
(1980) 13 palladium photographs. Unique. An unbound book of photos with text.
Robert  Sennhauser
(1980) 13 palladium photographs. Unique. An unbound book of photos with text.
Al  Souza
(1980) 16 Polaroid prints. Unique. An accordion book with dust cover.

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