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The Book
September 15, 1980 - October 18, 1980

seven artists/different visions

organized by  Norman B.  Colp

Barton Lidice  Benes
(1977) Rubber stamps on dishtowels.
(1980) Rubber stamps on paper bags. Artist's proof for a limited edition of 3.
(1980) 10 plates with rubber stamping and a plastic fork.
TV Talk
(1980) Wooden spool, paper and cotton interfacing with rubber stamps.
Phyllis  Bilick
Blind Man's Bluff
(1979) Black and white photographs (of Tuillerie Gardens, France) on oaktag, double fold with photographs on both sides.
Book on a Stick
(1980) Wooden dowel spine with folded paper.
Walls, Stairs, Banisters
(1978) Clothbound accordion book, matted color photographs (of Project Studios 1).
Walls, Stairs, Banisters II
(1978) Clothbound accordion book, matted color photographs (of Project Studios 1).
Mindell  Dubansky
Elvis Book and Blue Suede Shoe Box
(1978) Book--cotton embroidery cover with black and white photographs. Box--blue suede, mother-of-pearl buttons and golden thread.
Iris Album
(1978) Canson Mi-Tienes paper inside, John Koller paper. Cover watercolor by MD on Roma, Oasis goat skin spine.
Skull of Adam by Stanley Moss
(1979) Silver and gold thread, woven strips of handmade paper by Douglas Howell, Strathmore charcoal paper.
Water Lily Book (and box)
(1978) Handmade linen paper by Antonia Weil, made from the same cloth as cover, linen binding with cotton embroidery.
Wood engravings -- a portfolio
(1978) Richard de Bas handmade paper cover, Stonehenge inside paper, engravings by MD.
Your Ideal Love Mate - a TV scroll
(1980) Bookcloth and linen box, decorative paper handles, mylar, mixed media scroll.
Hedi  Kyle
April Diary
(1979) Laminations of various oriental and domestic papers, reversed writing, images with watercolor and color pencils. From the collection of Richard Minsky, New York, NY.
(1980) Tracing vellum, stencils and cutouts, oriental binding.
Cabbage Book No. 1
(1980) Tracing paper, stencils, cutouts.
Fan Book
(1979) Concertina fold construction, fans folded out of various Japanese papers.
Goethe's Poem
(1980) Oriental and domestic papers, pressed flowers, stencils, reversed and normal writing. From the collection of Renate Alvarez, Pasadena, CA.
Ulla's Birthday Book
(1980) Tracing vellum stencils, inserted slips of mylar with red and black writing, oriental binding.
Richard  Minsky
Minsky in London by Richard Minsky
(1980) Edited with an introduction by Pamela Moore. Ninety photographs by Richard Minsky; includes 45 RPM record. New York and London. Letterpress.
Harvey Dolph  Redding
Empire State Meltdown
(1979) Color Xerox monoprints sewn on rag paper with rubber stamping.
Magnetic Postcard Books
(1980) Color Xerox monoprints, offset litho printing, rubber stamping, heat stamped vinyl with magnet and chain binding.
(1979) (In collaboration with Bruce Schnabel). Color Xerox monoprints on black and white Xerox mounted on rag paper, sewn binding, cover of Nigerian goatskin.
Ne Pas Employer Comme Appariel de Sauvetage
(1980) Color and black and white Xerox on paper and plastic vinyl cover with plastic heat stamped binding.
Probe Detail
(1979) Monoprints from color Xerox, black and white copies and rag paper, collage, rubber stamping, machine sewn.
Scenic View of New York City
(1979) Color Xerox, sewn on rice paper with rubber stamping.
Bruce  Schnabel
A Bug Book, Pictural Insect Specimens
(1979) Original gouache paintings color Xeroxed on Wooky Hole paper, dry-mounted on Roma (Fabriano) paper with subtle ink graphics. Title page tooled with black foil with dry-mounted Xerox cartouche. Nigerian goatskin binding, Nigerian goat and reverse Nigerian goat only, damp-scribed. Red silk embroidered headbands.
Guide General de Beaubourg
(1980) Tooled drawings with gold and colored foils on Roma (Fabriano) paper. Title page is a color Xerox print of stenciled letters. Nigerian goatskin binding, tooled with color foil, reverse Nigerian goatskin onlays tooled with color foils. Silk embroidered headbands.
(1979) A series of 12 original monoprints from color Xerox and black and white Xerox postcards by Harvey Redding, dry-mounted on Roma (Fabriano) paper. Title page tooled with color foil and rubber stamped. Nigerian goatskin binding. Reverse Nigerian goatskin onlay tooled with color foil.
Navaho Blanket Journal I
(1977) Nigerian goatskin binding; goatskin inlay and onlay, embroidered silk headbands. Collection of Susan Jacobs.
Notes from the Etymologist's Journal, III
(1979) Original gouache paintings and collage color Xeroxed on T. H. Saunders Wooky Hole mouldmade paper. Title page tooled with black foil. Binding is Nigerian goatskin with dyed Nigerian goatskin onlay, blind tooled. Glass seed beads sewn through perforations in leather-covered boards. Turquoise silk embroidered headbands.
Still Life Box
(1976) Nigerian goatskin folding box, onlay/inlay tinted and dyed Nigerian goatskin cover designed by Harvey Redding. Lined with Roma (Fabriano) paper.

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