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Susan Joy Share: Books Props Collages
October 24, 1992 - December 5, 1992

An exhibition Of Susan Share's work, including a variety of objects that transform from book-like structures into full-body costumes, masks, musical instruments or painted scenes.

Mare  Blocker
(1990) A tower of laminated, acrylic painted bristol, cloth. BOOKS
Susan Joy  Share
A Bite of Air
(1990) Multi-paneled hanging book, acrylic on bristol, xeroxes, wood, lead weights. BOOKS
A Brighter Side
(1992) Folding screen; acrylic on bristol, photos, cloth, plastic mesh. PROPS
(1992) Five reliefs; enamel on metal, cork, wood, and corrugated board, acrylic. COLLAGES
Bell Show, The
(1982) Roll-folded collage with xerox, color xerox and Scrabble set panels. Collection of Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive. COLLAGES
Blue Blinds
(1985) Acrylic and crayon on pressboard slats and bookcloth, photograms. COLLAGES
Book Shoes
(1989) Pairs of accordion-shoes; acrylic on bookcloth, corrugated board, elastic. PROPS
Breathing Both Sides
(1990) Laminated corrugated and honeycomb board, acrylic on xerox text and images. Collection of Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive. BOOKS
Castle Screen
(1989) Two-section folding screen, costumes and cover; acrylic on bristol and paper, cloth. PROPS
Child's Play
(1990) Acrylic painted bookboard and cloth base, photo and paper collage pages. BOOKS
(1988) Rhythm instrument; acrylic on pressboard and photos, linen. PROPS
Class 254 Style 22601
(1992) Acrylic on pricetags, photos, mica, plastic. BOOKS
(1992) Acrylic on cork letters and paper, photos, springs, wood. BOOKS
Dance Tree
(1988) Acrylic painted photo panels hinged to a strip of board, elastic handles. PROPS
(1985) Acrylic painted paper, glue resist. COLLAGES
Explosive Breathing
(1990) Numerous collage panels; acrylic, photo and xerox on bristol and bookcloth. PROPS
First Chunk Book
(1983) Laminated museum board and cloth base with photo and paper collage at the top. Collection of Keith Smith. BOOKS
Forbidden Pleasures
(1990) A codex form with open layered collage of plastic mesh, xeroxes, photos. BOOKS
Fragile, too
(1990) Rubber stamped words and acrylic on various cardboards. COLLAGES
Hand/Foot Puppet
(1992) Animal percussion piece; acrylic on bristol, cloth, elastic grommets. PROPS
(1992) Handmade paper pages with plastic letters, and film on a stick. BOOKS
Harnessed Hands
(1992) A wearable percussion piece; acrylic on bristol, bookboard, cloth, photos, metal, plastic, elastic. PROPS
In Foreign Trade
(1990) Board signatures sewn to cotton tapes, acrylic on paper, etchings, xeroxes, snaps. BOOKS
It Could Be Sweeter
(1989) Two sided hanging; acrylic on bristol and paper, linen, bookboard. PROPS
Japanese Binding
(1983) Sealed, stitched book with open strips in the center; watercolor on paper, cloth, cord. BOOKS
(1988) Strips of acrylic painted bristol, paper, photos, metal. BOOKS
Mask and Pocketbook #2
(1991) Shoulder bag which transforms into a costume; acrylic on bristol, cloth, film. PROPS
(1990) A tower of laminated, acrylic painted bristol, cloth. BOOKS
Oh, Give Me a Home
(1991) Various laminated cardboards, acrylic, photos, elastic, screws, toy accordion. BOOKS
Orange Handbook
(1986) Hand-fitted box which rolls open into animal costume; acrylic and watercolor on paper, cloth, bookboard, formica, cord. PROPS
(1988) Rhythmic instrument; acrylic painted bristol, paper and cloth, metal. PROPS
(1991) Shaped panel with attached accordion, acrylic on paper and bristol, photos, metal, cloth. BOOKS
Puff Ball
(1986) Laminated cardboard and cloth base with machine stitches and photo collage pages. BOOKS
Reaching Out
(1992) Acrylic and crayon on paper, wood block prints. Collection of Geoffrey Morrow. COLLAGES
Rotating Disc
(1991) Oil on layers of die-cut cardboard, glued shredded money aluminum. COLLAGES
Solid Chunk
(1983) Laminated pressboard and cloth base with photo pages at the top. BOOKS
Sponge Chunk
(1983) Laminated board, foam rubber and cloth base, watercolor on paper pages. BOOKS
Stilted Screen
(1984) Three connected folding screens; acrylic and watercolor on bristol and paper, photograms, xerox. PROPS
(1991) Oil on layers of die-cut cardboard. COLLAGES
(1989) Laminated, acrylic painted cork letters bound by cord with a linked photo folio. BOOKS
(1987) Acrylic on photo strips and paper. COLLAGES
(1990) Two towers containing long accordion strips, acrylic on bristol, cloth. BOOKS
Upward Mobility
(1991) Acrylic on paper, found photos, metal shapes, screws, wire weaving. COLLAGES
Value of Goods, The
(1990) Board signatures sewn to cotton tapes, acrylic on photos, shredded money, snaps. BOOKS
Videotape: Scenes from Susan Share's Unfolded World
(1991) 1989, 1991 PROPS
Vivian's Photos
(1984) Eight acrylic painted photo-collage books connected by a common cord. BOOKS
Wax Book
(1977) Crayon on canvas embedded in cast wax shape. BOOKS
Wind Whooper (The Tub)
(1988) Sound instrument and movable structure; acrylic on bristol, cloth. PROPS

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