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Signatures: Bookworks by Women
April 7, 1989 - June 3, 1989

co-sponsored by NY Women's Caucus for Art

Evangeline  Avlonitis
Barbara  Bash
Many Voices
xerox, gouache
Deborah  Cullen
Lifted Bandage, The
collage, ink in found book with metal wing
Evelyn  Eller
Moroccan Memory
mixed media collage
Jane  Freeman
Vicarious Thrills
altered book; mixed media
Sharon  Gilbert
Boxed Dynamite
paper, twine, glue
Suellen  Glashausser
paper, pencil, thread
Carol  Grape
Hand Reconstruction
resin, plaster gauze, plastic paint, graphite, thread, fabric, words
Renate  Habinger
Klapp Book
handmade paper, handcoloring, collage
Juliet  Holland
Sand Script III
clay,acrylic, pastel
Penny  Kaplan
Circular Temple
Marilyn  Lanfear
Marilyn and the Law
revolver, book and promises
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
Loma's Twins Bedroom
acrylic on board; courtesy Katzen-Brown Gallery, NYC
Christine  LeGoff
Journey to Mexico
box with objects and book
Lois  Morrison
Lois McIvor's Mother's On the Cuff Remarks
applique, stitching, binding, shirt cuffs, vintage shoelace
Ann  Patterson
wood, brass, plexiglas, photostats, watercolor
Suzanne  Resnik
Winter Solstice
watercolor on paper
Marilyn R.  Rosenberg
mixed media
Susan  Rostow
Inside the Turtle
mixed media
Susan Joy  Share
World Trade
acrylics, cloth, paper, board
Robbin Ami  Silverberg
Klapp Book
handmade paper, handcoloring, collage
Mary  Ting
I Can Count No More
(1987) Papers, board, colored inks, marker, cord
Lori  Van Houten
Silent Garden
mixed media collage
Ellen  Wallenstein
Worlds Apart
Faith  Wilding
Leaf Scroll
gouache, ink, watercolor on paper

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