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Hedi Kyle & Her Influence: 1977-1993
October 1, 1993 - November 27, 1993

a survey of works influenced by Kyle's work

organized by  Brian  Hannon

Siri  Beckman
A Small Victory
(1991) Offset printed monotypes with letterpress printed Baskervill Type on Mohawk Superfine. Handbound, hard case.
In Away
(1992) Monotype illustrations with Italian Old Style type printed letterpress on Rives BFK. Standard hard case, handbound.
Denise  Carbone
Absents of Orgasm/Every Woman's Cry for Sexual Whatever, The
(1992) Etched book on Rives BFK with vellum condom cover. Double needle sewing - two up with no pack, black silk suture thread.
Unsafe Sex Journal Nov/Dec 1991
(1992) Lambskin condoms, vellum cover, rubber stanp. Tab accordion binding.
MJ  Connors
Denominations of Worship
Offset. Mohawk cover and text papers. Adhesive binding. Interactive: packet or "offerings" are untied, folded open.
Evidence of Attendants
(1991) Offset on Mohawk cover stock. Hand-sewn Concertina. Each comes with a pull-out information card.
Syd  Crow
Serious Conflicts
Wood, leather, glass, and various materials. Hinged coptic-style binding. A sculptural book that can be taken apart.
K. Nelson  Harper
Tacky Churches
(1993) Three-color offset lithography on Gilbert Esse archival paper. Concertina construction bound in cloth covered boards.
Craig  Keller-Anderson
(1993) Hand lithography on black Arches. Caterpillar stitched on wood boards.
Mary Jane  Kidd
Book of the Snake Plant, The
(1991) Collage, photocopy, and Prismacolor. Accordion fold structure with pop-ups.
(1989) Collage and Prismacolor. Accordion structure with fold-outs.
Kimberly  Knox
Bound and Ready
(1993) Printed offset and bound with wire stitching.
Their Nightmare
(1991) Printed offset with spiral binding.
Hedi  Kyle
April Diary
(1979) Laminations of various oriental and domestic papers, reversed writing, images with watercolor and color pencils. From the collection of Richard Minsky, New York, NY.
Beach Bum
(1982) Mexican barkpaper, vellum, wood, and hand-stitching. Concertina construction. From the collection of Barbara Mauriello, Hoboken, NJ.
Big Time Savings
(1992) Kraft and copy papers, original and photocopied advertising sections, yellow plastic button, paper bead, rubber place-mat covers. Concertina construction with additional sewings.
Bird Catch
(1992) Folded set-up sheets inserted into a concertina construction.
(1993) Photocopied images on yellow typing paper. Concertina-codex.
Dos A Dos
(1993) Color xerograph folding book. Printed by Booklab in Austin, TX.
El Paraiso De La Fantasia
(1993) Plastic rods, waxed cloth, Tom Leech's handmade paper, paste boards, dyed linen, color photographs, machine sewing and hole punch. Piano hinge construction.
From A to Z
(1990) Photocopied cover papers, four-color offset printing. Concertina flag construction.
Goethe's Poem
(1980) Oriental and domestic papers, pressed flowers, stencils, reversed and normal writing. From the collection of Renate Alvarez, Pasadena, CA.
(1993) Printed pages, dyed cloth, machine sewing, folded handmade paper extensions. Roundabout construction.
Lattice Leaves
(1990) Oatmeal paper, cut-outs accentuated with cray-pas colors. Concertina construction.
Listen to the Sound
(1982) Twinrocker paper, cloth, cut-outs, stenciled images, watercolor.
(1993) Canson vellum, handwriting in mirror image, rubber stamping. Concertina construction. From the collection of Ursula & Paul Warshol, New York, NY.
(1991) Japanese paper, cut-outs and stencils. From the collection of J. Menningen, Philadelphia, PA.
Northern Liberties Panorama
(1989) Notebook pages and photographs photocopied on library board. Hand colored. Concertina construction with additional sewings.
(1992) Set-up sheets altered with cut-outs and collages. Concertina construction.
Pennant Zero
(1989) Various handmade and commercial papers. Writing, watercolor, cut-outs. Concertina flag construction. From the collection of J. Menningen, Philadelphia, PA.
(1993) Starched fabric, handwritings with color markers, handmade papers by Winifred Lutz and Tim Barrett, various Japanese handmade papers and board in a stilted construction.
Restoration Papers
(1986) Historical book papers, slotted and laced to pages. Non-adhesive attachment of Barrett paper covers. From the collection of Renate Alvarez, Pasadena, CA.
Spun Paper
(1980) Handmade paper from Nepal, twisted and spun Japanese papers, balsa wood, marbled paper. From the collection of Ursula Warshol, New York, NY.
Working Models
1977-1993. Selection of models in different stages of completion. Some serve to develop ideas, others are used for demonstration purposes in workshops.
Yellow Palimpsest
(1993) Advertising sections, Chinese Joss papers, decals, yellow pad pages. Japanese paper covered boards with a non-adhesive binding.
Karen  Lefkowitz
Adventures of Charles & Sir
(1991) Paper
As Advertised
(1991) Mohawk Superfine. Accordion construction.
Matthew  Liddle
Big Alphabet Accordion
(1993) Printed with ink stencils. Accordion fold structure bound into paste paper covered boards.
Forest Tunnel
Ink, birch bark, board, and Canson paste paper. Bellows/tunnel construction with hinged cover.
Barbara  Mauriello
More Gaudy Nights
(1988) Mixed media; gouache, crayon paintings, gold tooling, and collage with a concertina binding. Housed in a box.
Jeanette  McGrath
Paper Napkins: After Dinner with Hedi Kyle From the 3-Dimensional Doodle Collection of Jeanette McGrath
(1993) Pinhole photos, photocopy on copier paper. Leporello binding.
Vanessa  Milio
as a child
(1992) Offset lithography on commercial stock and German etching papers. Hedi Kyle's accordion construction.
Choice is Ours, The
(1992) Woodcrates, acrylic, oils, handstamped type, leather.
Sam  Minor II
Tacky Churches
(1993) Three-color offset lithography on Gilbert Esse archival paper. Concertina construction bound in cloth covered boards.
Wilber  Schilling
Assumed Risk Activity
(1992) Letterpress on mylar with acrylic printed pages. Concertina construction.
Gelatin-silver prints. Handmade cotton paper cover on boards. Concertina/flag book construction.
Andrea  Silver
Class of '62
(1992) Peeled-back yearbook cover revealing original bookboard. Accordion fold of Okawara papers with spiral binding. Images are photocopied onto Okawara.
Julie A.  Snell
Finger Book One
(1993) Tyvek, Gum wrapper, elastic. Continuous concertina with pamphlet sewing.
Finger Book Two
(1993) Paper, board, elastic. Japanese handmade paper. Continuous triangular concertina.
Lori  Spencer
(1990) Offset lithography on Mohawk Superfine. Accordion construction with sewn-in signatures and removable spine.
Claire  Van Vliet
Aunt Sally's Lament by Margaret Kaufman
(1988) Letterpress on Fabriano, Barcham Green, Twinrocker and MacGregor handmade papers. Designed by Van Vliet based on a structure developed by Hedi Kyle and made with Linda Wray. Box covered in quilting cloths made by Judi Conant, Guildhall, Vermont.
Designating Duet by Sandra McPherson
(1989) Fabriano Strathmore and MacGregor-Vinzani papers. Concertina construction with Chaika slipped-in-spine. Housed in a box.
Mirah  von Wicht
Coffee Bean Book, The
(1993) Binders board, paper. Western and walnut dried paper by Tim Barrett.
(1992) Tim Barrett's cover-weight Ingres. One single folio and four sheets folded into rick rack then glued onto a compensation concertina.

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