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Peace, Love and Rockets
September 21, 2011 - December 3, 2011

Peace, Love, Rockets

Organized by Felipe Mujica, Independent Curator

Peace, Love, and Rockets is a research project and exhibition specially conceived for The Center for Book Arts, in collaboration with Keegan Cooke, Andreas Diefenbach, Claudio Fernandez and Yan Jun. Its main goal is to select and exhibit examples of alternative music production and design. The works in this exhibition demonstrate ways in which music can be more than pure sound; for example, a vinyl record cover that has been silkscreen printed, a CD booklet that unfolds with drawings and collage, or other musical propositions that use techniques and strategies similar to those found in book art production. In addition, this project will also showcase an international scope of independent and self-made albums that contain a focused artistic vision, pointing towards two interesting and intertwined moments: the creation of a local product (in contrast to a mainstream one), and the parallel construction of a new kind of globalized grassroots movement. Each collaborator will bring into the process examples of local production from four different geographies and contexts: Europe, South America, North America and China.

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