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Harry Duncan: 50 years of fine print
September 15, 1989 - November 4, 1989

an exhibition of publications from The Cummington Press and Abattoir Editions

organized by  Steven  Clay

Harry  Duncan
A Face by Marianne Moore
(1948) Printed for the New Colophon
A Penetential Primer by Katherine Hoskins
A Thousand Little Things and Other Poems by Norman Dubie
A Voyage to Cythera
(1987) Text by Ralph Bobb. Intaglio by Priscilla Steele. Printed letterpress by Duncan at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, College of Fine Arts, from Romulus Roman, Lutetia italic and Perpetua types on Mohawk Superfine Text paper. Case bound in cloth at the Campbell-Logan bindery.
American Decade
(1943) Edited by Tom Boggs
An Herb Basket by Richard Eberhart
Bacchae Sonnets by Armand Schwerner
Blackberry Winter by Robert Penn Warren
Book and Other Poems, The; by Harvey Shapiro
Book of Job, The
Brandings by Katherine Arnstein Heinemann
Ceremony and Other Stories, The; by Weldon Kees
(1983) Selected and with an editorial introduction by Dana Gioia.
Christ and the Unicorn by Allen Tate
Clouds, Aigeltinger, Russia, &c., The; by William Carlos Williams
Dickens in Italy by Charles Dickens
(1956) Printed for the Pierpont Morgan Library
Doctor Drink by J.V. Cunningham
Esthétique du Mal by Wallace Stevens
Eye of Heaven, The; by Susan Efird
Fifty Fraxioms by Ernest Kroll
Five Cummington Poems
Five Prose Pieces by Rainer Maria Rilke
Five Tales by William Maxwell
Four Early Stories by James Agee
Good European and Other Poems, The; by R.P. Blackmur
Hidden Airdrome and Uncollected Poems, The; by Robert Price
Holding Out by Rainer Maria Rilke
(1975) Translated by Rika Lesser. Note by Richard Howard.
Homage to Baudelaire on the Centennial of Les Fleurs du Mal by the Poets at the State University of Iowa
House that Jack Built, The or A Portrait of the Artist as a Sad Sensualist by John Logan
I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix by Tennessee Williams
(1951) Printed for New Directions
Incidents on the Bark Columbia
(1941) Edited by Helen Halsey
Journey to a Known Place by Hayden Carruth
(1961) Printed for New Directions
Journey to the Coastal Marsh by James Feibleman
Land of Unlikeness by Robert Lowell
Lovemaker, The; by Robert Mezey
Maggot and Worm by M.M. Liberman
Malignant Blues by Paul Dilsaver
My Country Dreams Poems 1945-50 by Wightman Williams
Naming of the Beasts, The and Other Poems by Gerald Stern
(1973) Co-published with the Cummington Press
Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction by Wallace Stevens
Poems and Woodcuts by John W. Wright
Poems of Catullus, The
(1979) Translated by Charles Martin
Primal Sound & Other Prose Pieces by Rainer Maria Rilke
(1943) Carl Niemeyer, translator.
Queen's Triangle, The; by Stephen Berg
Requiescat in Pace Paul Wightman Williams, Jr. Mcmxx-Mcmlvi by Barbara Gibbs
(1957) Foreword by Allen Tate.
Saint Venus Eve by Barry Goldensohn
Sea Ice: Versions of Eskimo Songs by Stephen Berg
Second World, The; by R.P. Blackmur
Some Roses by Philip Gallo
Tablets I-VIII, The; by Armand Schwerner
Terence Illustrated: An Exhibition in Honor of Karl Ephraim Weston
(1955) Illustrations from various sources. Printed for the Chapin Library, Williams College.
Thistles and Thorns by Paul Smythe
Three Academic Pieces by Wallace Stevens
Three Poems by Yvor Winters
Traveller, The: Allegorical Lyrics by Don Stanford
Twenty-Four Bagatelles in an Antique Mode by Harold Grier McCurdy
Valentines to the Wide World by Mona Van Duyn
Vigil of Venus, The; Pervigilium Veneris
(1943) Latin text translated by Allen Tate.
Waiting in the Bone and Other Poems by Radcliffe Squires
Wedge, The; by William Carlos Williams

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