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Ear to the Page
September 22, 2010 - December 4, 2010

Organized by Alan Licht & James Hoff

Ear to the Page explores the interaction between recordings and books, using three categories: sound works thatreflect the structure and aesthetic of books; packages that thematically entail a book as well as a CD or vinyl record; and books that have a sound component or somehow serve to transcribe or document ideas that previously existed, or potentially can exist, as sound. Artists/Musicians included in the exhibition are: Vito Acconci, Juan Arkotxa & Leslie Mackenzie, Bernard Baschet & Francois Baschet, Cathy Berberian & Eugenio Carmi, George Brecht, Inge Bruggeman & Hank Lazer, Jose Luis Castillejo, Jon Gibson, Kenneth Goldsmith, Grace Jones, Jennie C. Jones, Allan Kaprow, Dan Lander & Micah Lexier, Christian Marclay, Marshall McLuhan with Jerome Agel, Quentin Fiore, & John Simon, Michalis Pichler, Steve Roden, Allen Ruppersberg, Tate Shaw & Andrew Sallee, Masumi Shibata, Michael Snow, Jan van der Marck/Art by Telephone, and Dennis Yuen & Morry Galonoy.

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