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Narrative Sequences
January 20, 2010 - April 3, 2010

Flyer, detail from City of Salt

Organized by Maddy Rosenberg, Artist

This exhibition will focus on work that creates a sequence of images that leads from one to another as a literal or an implied narration unfolds. By this narrowing down to a single aspect of an artistís book, Rosenberg is able to broaden the varieties of how artists explore telling a story, through form and content. For each of these artists in these works, a narrative emerges through the relationship of the previous to the following. They explore various commentaries on societies through who we are as a whole or as individuals, through personal experience or as participants in a broader culture, in an explicit way or a more abstract dance of natural forms.

Participating artists include, Christoff Baron, Zane Berzina, Chris Bierl, Jay Bolotin, Sang-ah Choi, Beatrice Coron, Bill Creston, Kahn/Selesnick, Ben Katchor, Rachel Lumsden, Rafael Mundi, Heidi Neilson, Julia Schmid, Karina Skvirsky, Simona Soare.

Christoff  Baron
Gueules de bois
(2009) Acrylic on wood
Zane  Berzina
TEXTURES (Notes on Skin)
(2009) Mixed media
Chris  Bierl
'Vibrants', serial photographic tableau of the installation Vibrants Nr. B
(2008) Photographic reproductions of fiber pieces on canvas, arranged through sine wave tonalities
20 panels & video
Jay  Bolotin
The Jackleg Testament, Part One: Jack & Eve
(2005) Motion picture on DVD, 65 min.
Sang-Ah  Choi
(2008) Hand cut digital print
Beatrice  Coron
(2008) Cut Tyvek
(2008) Cut Tyvek
Bill  Creston
Selections from Promenade series
(2009) Oil on cardboard
City of Salt
(2004) Unique artist's book, ink jet printed
Ben  Katchor
Julius Knipl, Real-Estate Photographer: The Beauty Supply District (Pantheon Books)
(2000) Printed book
Selections from Shoehorn Technique series
(2007) Ink jet print
The Carbon Copy Building (Cantalopue Music)
(2006) Book with CD
Rachel  Lumsden
Selections from Bird Wars series
(2009) Photopolymer etchings with monotype
Rafael  Mundi
(2008) Pastel on synthetic material
(2008) Pastel on synthetic material
Heidi  Neilson
On Safari, 1976
(2009) Artist book: digital offset
Julia  Schmid
Heimat Installation
(2008) Book and two prints
Schriftbild #4
(2009) Ink on paper
Karina Aguilera  Skvirsky
The end is near but I don't want to go
(2010) Artist book
Karina Aguilera  Skvirsky
The end is near but I don't want to go
(2010) Artist book
Simona  Soare
Drift into Purple Blue/Eine Reise ins Blaue
(2008) Etching, aquatint
Selections from, Miniatures series
(2009) Aquatints and etchings

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