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Writing and/the Wor(l)d: Johanna Drucker The 2009 Bishop Faculty Fellow
September 23, 2009 - December 5, 2009

Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director

Every year the Center for Book Arts extends an artist/ instructor from outside of New York the opportunity to teach a master class and to give a formal lecture in New York City. The Sally R. Bishop Master Faculty Fellow for 2009 will be Johanna Drucker, who is internationally known as a book artist and experimental, visual poet. Her work has been exhibited and collected in special collections in libraries and museums including the Getty Center for the Humanities, the Marvin and Ruth Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry, Houghton Library at Harvard University, and many others. In addition to her artistic work, Johanna Drucker has published and lectured extensively on topics related to the history of typography, artists' books, and visual art. She is currently the Robertson Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia where she is Professor in the Department of English and Director of Media Studies.

Johanna  Drucker
A Girl's Life
(2002) (collaboration with Susan Bee)
Offset, Granary Books
Against Fiction
(1984) Letterpress and linoleum
Combo Meals
(2008) Digitally produced print on demand
Combo Meals
(2008) Digital prints, artist's dummy
Damaged Spring
(2003) Laser print, collage, and linoleum cuts
Damaged Spring
(2003) Digital printed type and linoleum cuts
Dark, the bat-elf, banquets the pupa
(1972) Letterpress and stone lithography
From A to Z
(1976) Letterpress
History of the/my Wor(l)d
Offset reprint, digital rework, Granary Books
(1994) Letterpress from polymer plate and hand-colored images
Prove Before Laying
(1997) Letterpress in spiral binding
Prove Before Laying
(1997) Letterpress
Simulant Portrait
(1990) Offset
Simulant Portrait
(1990) Offset lithography
Testament of Women
(2006) Ltterpress with linoleum cuts
The History of the/my Wor(l)d
(1988) Letterpress and relief cuts
The Word Made Flesh
Offset edition, Granary Books
The Word Made Flesh
(1987) Letterpress

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