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2008 Artist-in-Residence Spotlight
April 15, 2009 - June 27, 2009

2008 Artist-in-Residence Spotlight

Organized by Sarah Nicholls, Program Manager

An exhibition featuring new work produced here at the Center during their 2008 residency by emerging artists Cesar Cornejo, Hadassa Goldvicht, Wennie Huang, Ivan Monforte, and Zoë Sheehan Saldaņa. These New York-based emerging artists are offered space, time and support to explore the production and exhibition of artist's books and related work in twelve-month residencies. The purpose of this program is to promote experimentation in making book art. The Center especially encourages artists from all disciplinary backgrounds and from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Artist Talk
With Wennie Huang, Ivan Monforte, Cesar Cornejo, and Zoë Sheehan Saldaņa
Wednesday, May 13 at 6:30 pm
Wine and Cheese Reception
Suggested Admission to Public Programs: $10/$5 members

Cesar  Cornejo
Modular (work in progress)
(2009) Ink on paper
THE AMRORY (work in progress)
(2009) Ink on paper
Twin Towers (work in progress)
(2009) Paper, board, hand-written text
Hadassa  Goldvicht
Aleph (Relearning how to write on our new double bed)
(2009) One channel video
(2009) Found notebook, hair, paper
Hold Me 3/3
(2009) Hair, glue, paper, viintage shell buttons, Set of three cards and portfolio
(2008) Digital print
Wennie  Huang
Circular Book Structure
(2008) Paper, thread, hand cutting
Collaborative Word/Image Exchange, May
(2008) Graphite, colored pencil, inkjet
Hidden Rooms
(2008) Japanese rice paper and foam board
(2009) Japanese paper, letterpress and pressure-print, fermented papyrus, board, thread
Nestled mock-ups
(2009) Paper, thread
Ivan  Monforte
In Loving Memory of Lizzie
(2009) Mixed media, leather, hot stamp
(2008) Letterpress on paper Set of Three
Zoë  Sheehan Saldaņa
Diana Morgan
(2009) Letterpress on paper
Diana Morgan
(2009) Composed lead type
Diana Morgan
(2009) Clothbound book
Ten Up Matchbook Covers
(2009) Letterpress and painted compound on paper

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