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Threads: Interweaving Textu[r]al Meaning
July 8, 2009 - September 12, 2009

Organized by: Lois Morrison, Artist and Independent Curator; and Alexander Campos, Executive Director of The Center for Book Arts.

This yearís Artist Members Exhibition brings together current members of the Center's artistic community and invited artists who use actual thread as a design element to convey both content and form. Artworks featured in this exhibition represent a broad range of book and related arts, including prints, books, sculptures, and multi-media installation.

Two Artist Talks (Featuring Artists from the Exhibition):
Wednesday, July 29, 6:30 pm
Jonathan Fetter-Vorm,
Iviva Olenick,
Meda Rives & Veda Rives,
Donna Ruff,
Tamar Stone,
Elise Wiener,

Wednesday, August 12, 6:30 pm
Patricia Dahlman,
Tanya Hartman,
Yoko Inoue,
Vandana Jain,
Heather Johnson,
China Marks

Gallery Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm
Saturday, 10am-4pm
Admission to the galleries is free.

Andre Lee  Bassuet
Love Pages
(2007) Five pulp, lipstick, thread, altered pages
Jen  Bervin
The Desert
(2008) Machine sewing on digital print
Inge  Bruggeman
Unable to Find Each Other, Let Alone Ourselves
(2007) Letterpress printing, pencil, pochoir and watercolor
Macy  Chadwick & Lisa Hasegawa
(2005) Letterpress, silkscreen, drawing, collage, machine stiching
Rosemarie  Chiarlone
(2007) Embroidery, thread, pelon
Poetry by Susan Weiner
Patricia  Dahlman
(2005) Six thread on stuffed canvases
Ipek  Duben
Crossing series
(2008) Photo print on synthetic silk, thread, wire
Tiffany  Dugan
14 Years
(2009) Paper and embroidery thread
Elsi Vassdal  Ellis
A stitch in Time
(2009) Hand and machine sewing, inkjet on fabric
Jonathan  Fetter-Vorm
The Technic of Suture
(2009) Text, illustrations and design by J. Fetter-Vorm.
Screenprint on felt, yarn, rabbit skin glue
Dianna  Frid
(1999) Cloth, thread
(2002) Cloth, thread, paper, colored pencil - unique book
Ximena Perez  Grobert
Azul (luzazul)
(2009) Knitted and pressed paper
Tanya  Hartman
Prayer Paddles #1-4
(2009) Wood, wire, oil paint, fabric and collage
Candace  Hicks
Common Threads series
(2009) Ten canvas notebooks, thread (embroidery)
Yoko  Inoue
Black Envelope (Sennin-Bari)
(2009) Envelope, India ink, red embroidery thread
Vandana  Jain
The Logo Alphabet
(2006) Thirteen wool embroidery on linen panels
Heather  Johnson
Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I know Where I've Been
(2006) Thread on linen
Pamela  Matsuda-Dunn
(2007) Book, stainless steel wire, beads, LED's
Heidi  Neilson & Chris Petrone
Uniform Paper
(2006) Handmade paper, hand bound, letterpress printed
Tara  O'Brien
Diary Project # 1
(2008) Leather bound book, photographs, thread
Iviva  Olenick
Were I so Besotted series
(2008) Embroidery on fabric

1. Creative Chameleon, 2008
2. Dream of the Perfect Man, 2008
3. Greenpoint, 2008
4. Play, 2007
5. The Men Who Want to Meet Me, 2008
6. Wears His Heart on His Sweater, 2007

Yani  Pecanins
Las Palabras en mi Interior
(2009) Embroidery, caligraphy, collage
Catya  Plate
Clothespin Freak Portrait Gallery
Fabric, thread, polyester fiber

1. Brain Grabber
2. Foot Licker
3. Gut Feeler
4. Head Rider
5. Jaw Jumper
6. Kidney Spotter
7. Peeper Seeker
8. Pelvis Catcher
9. Windpipe Whisperer

John L.  Risseeuw
Whose Flag?
(2005) Letterpress and plymer relief on handmade paper. Clothing, export fibers, and paper
Meda R.  Rives
Magnolia ScrollEnviron
(2009) Handmade paper, abaca fiber, threads, herbal tea, branches
Veda M.  Rives
Magnolia ScrollEnviron
(2009) Handmade paper, abaca fiber, threads, herbal tea, branches
Donna  Ruff
The Fable
(2004) Laser prints, kozo paper, tea, thread, flax
Stephen  Sidelinger
Seven Deadly Sins
(2008) Seven embroidery books and silk cases
Robbin Ami  Silverberg
Testament Textiles: Patriachal Patterns
(2009) Archival inkjet on Dobbin Mill paper
Edition of 10
Edyth  Skinner
K1, P2
(2009) Letterpress and inkjet
Tamar  Stone
He Said, She Said
(2005) Doll bed with text on vintage linens
Dana  Velan
(2009) Laser copies, laserset, ink, watercolor, theads, beads
Elise  Wiener
LP Diary
(2009) LP albums, mylar, thread, museum board, living hinges
Anne  Wilson & Shawn Decker
(2006) Video and sound installation
Animator: Cat Solen
Post-production Animator and Mastering: Mark Anderson and Daniel Torrente
Copyright 2006 Anne Wilson

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