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Rocco Scary: The Last Place on Earth
September 26, 2008 - December 6, 2008

Jersey Tomatoes

Featured Artist Project organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director

Rocco Scaryís work is about the relationship between place and memory. His stacking book structures are made of both paper and metal, and can be taken apart or un-stacked to reveal evocative images and scenes in miniature. The work is inspired by the artistís love of his home state, New Jersey, where overdevelopment threatens to destroy the regionís character and history.

The works below are examples of the artistís works. The artist is currently producing new works to exhibit at the Center.

Artist Talk:
Friday, November 14th, 6:30pm
with Rocco Scary
suggested donation: $10/$5 CBA members

Rocco  Scary
101 Causes
(2008) Handmade paper, digital prints
Boardwalk Art
(2001) Handmade paper, steel, mixed media
Book Eleven
(2002) Handmade paper, steel
Bridge Art
(2002) Handmade paper, steel, mixed media
Corsay & Blum
(2004) Handmade paper, steel, electronics
Jersey Tomatoes
(2005) Handmade paper, steel, mixed media
Meet Me Under the Lemon
(2008) Handmade paper, wood, electronics
Orange Street
(2003) Handmade paper, Steel, Mixed Media
Say Goodbye My Coney Island Baby
(2008) Handmade paper, steel, wood
Washington Newark Public
(2004) Handmade paper, steel
Your Very Own Personal Escape Route
(2006) Handmade Gampi paper, oxidized metal, mixed media

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