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Illustrated Fine Printing: Whittington & Matrix in America
September 26, 2008 - December 6, 2008

Fine Printing

Organized by Barbara Henry, Artist

This exhibition will focus on the Whittington Press and its influential annual, Matrix, which provides an important platform for typographical dialog on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Ten American artists who have contributed articles and illustrations to Matrix will be featured, as well as English and European artists who have written and illustrated books for the Whittington Press.

Miriam Macgregor, Hellmuth Weissenborn, Howard Phipps, John Craig and Judith Verity have worked closely with the Press, producing wood engravings, pochoir, and linocut illustrations for finely printed editions. John Randle and his wife Rose, proprietors of The Whittington Press, have created an environment where author, artist and printer, punchcutter and typecaster can work separately and together to explore their skills, nurturing each other through the vehicle of Matrix’s varied pages.

American artists include Lowell Bodger, Carolee Campbell, Sandy Connors, Robin Heyeck, Jerry Kelly, Stan Nelson, Theo Rehak, Abigail Rorer and Gaylord Schanilec—working in media that run the gamut of the book arts from calligraphy to creating type, from wood engraving to paper marbling and binding.

The exhibition also includes a short film (click here to watch) of The Whittington Press as it completes Matrix 27, and of Miriam Macgregor at work on a wood engraving.

Organized by Barbara Henry, Artist.

Artist Talk:
Friday, October 3rd, 6:30pm
with John Randle
suggested donation: $10/$5 CBA members

Lowell  Bodger
"Pure Typography: Lowell Bodger" by Justin Howes
(1999) Matrix 19, book
19th Century Advertisment from Chamber's Journal
(1994) Broadside
Advertisement to Authors
(1988) From 'Mechanick Exercises', broadside
Experimental Printing 95-B (Insert for Matrix 19)
(1999) Broadside
(1996) Broadside
Type Form (19th Century Advertisement to Chamber's Journal)
(1994) Type form
Carolee  Campbell
"Ninja Press at Twenty"
(2005) Matrix 25, book
The Book of Silences
(2000) Book
The Intimate Stranger
(2006) Book
Dan  Carr
"Casting Chinese Type"
(2003) Matrix 23, book
"Making a Visible Spirit: Cutting in the Regulus Punches by Hand"
(1996) Matrix 16, book
Dan  Carr & Julia Ferrari
3 Seals
(2001) Broadside/ Hand Colored Photo Engraving
Peace Broadside/ Among the Hills
(2002) Broadside/ Wood Type
The Reach of the Heart
(2008) Book
Sandy  Connors
Busy as a Bee
(2002) Book/ wood engraving
Illustration for "Tiern: Creating New Type" by Nicholas Parry
(2002) Matrix 22, book
Print from woodblock (Quince)
(2002) Hand colored wood engraving
(2002) Woodblock
John  Craig
Locks of the Oxford Canal
(1984) Book
Leslie  Gerry
(2008) Book/ digital images
Vance  Gerry & Miriam MacGregor
Vance Gerry: The Engravings & Drawings
(2007) Broadside/ drawing and pochoir
Barbara  Henry
Whittington 2008: Part 1: Printing Matrix 27, Part 2: Miriam MacGregor
(2008) DVD 28 min. 54 sec.
Robin  Heyeck
"Marbling as Book Illustration"
(1988) Matrix 8, book
Adventures of a Marbler
(2006) Book
Jerry  Kelly
"Type: That Obscure Object of Desire"
(2004) Matrix 24, book
Assortment of Holiday Cards
Devil's Thoughts, The, Text of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Miriam  MacGregor
"The Forgotten Pleasures of Hand-Setting"
(2003) Matrix 23, book
A House by the Sea
(2005) Book/ pochoir
A House by the Sea Proof
(2005) Pochoir
A House by the Sea Proof
(2005) Pochoir
(1985) Book/ wood engravings
Aspects of a Cotswold Village
(1991) Book/ wood engravings
Diary of an Apple Tree
(1997) Book/ wood engravings
Song of the Scythe
(1983) Book/ wood engravings
 Monotype Corporation
Monotype Matrix Case
Matrix case for No. 290 Stymie Medium, donated by Lowell Bodger
Gwenda  Morgan
The Diary of a Land Girl
(2002) Book/ wood engravings
The Wood Engravings of Gwenda Morgan
(1985) Book/ wood engravings
Stan  Nelson
"Any Fool Can Cut a Punch"
(1984) Matrix 4, book
Brass Type Mold with Matrix
(2007) Type Mould
Five Lines Pica Antique (specimen sheet)
(2003) Broadside from Matrix 25
Specimen Sheet
(2008) Hand engraving
John  O'Connor
(1991) Matrix 11, book
The English Scene: The wood Engravings of John O'Connor
(2004) Book/ wood engravings
Howard  Phipps
Ebble Valley
(2007) Book/ wood engravings
Fine Press Book Fair
(1997) Broadside/ engravings
(1985) Book/ wood engravings
Stubble Burning
(1982) Book/ wood engravings
John  Randle
Matrix Enters its 3rd Decade
(2001) Broadside
Sorry if we are Closed
(2008) Broadside
When Caxton Discovered…
(2008) Broadside/ eood engravings
Theo  Rehak
Matrix 15, book, sortf from the Meadow Border
B42 Patterns, sorts and proofs
Abigail  Rorer
"Printing Mimpish Squinnies"
Matrix 27, book
Mimpish Squinnies by Reginald Farrer
(2008) Book
Of Woodland Pools, Spring-holes & Ditches by Henry David Thoreau
(2005) Book
Gaylord  Schanilec
"Wood engraving from Wrenching Times"
(1992) Matrix 12, book
(2005) Book/ wood engravings
Print from Sylva
(2008) Color wood block
 Various Artists
A Miscellany of Type
(1990) Specimen book
Judith  Verity
God Be In My Head
(2003) Broadside/ linocut
Rose's Aga Recipes
(1995) Book/ linocuts
Hellmuth  Weissenborn
A Small Garden Planted for Matrix (from M 26)
(2006) Broadside/ wood engravings
Country Scenes
(2001) 2 Booklets/ wood engravings
Hellmuth Weissenborn, Engraver
(1983) Book/ wood engravings
London Scenes
(2001) Book/ wood engravings
Painter and Graphic Artist
(1983) Signatures

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