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2007 Artists in Residence Workspace
April 11, 2008 - June 28, 2008

2007 Artist-in-Residence

Featured Artist Project organized by Sarah Nicholls, Programs Manager

An exhibition featuring new work produced here at the Center during their 2007 residency by emerging artists Manuel Acevedo, Yoko Inoue, Rajkamal Kahlon, Catarina Leitao, and Tattfoo Tan. These New York-based emerging artists are offered space, time and support to explore the production and exhibition of artistís books and related work in two-to-four month residencies. The purpose of this program is to promote experimentation in making book art. The Center especially encourages artists from all disciplinary backgrounds and from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Manuel  Acevedo
9 Stacks
(2008) Inkject on archival paper & rag paper
(2008) WTC: Tropism Series 2007-08, inkjet on watercolor paper, mixed paper & cloth
Full Steam Ahead
(2008) Inkject on archival paper & rag paper
Nicolás Dumit  Estévez
Thirty Two Love Letters To My Dentist
(2008) Letterpress on frosted mylar, x-rays, typewritten letters, ribbon, blind stamping
Yoko  Inoue
How American? Anonymous Self-Portrait
(2006) Archival Inkjet print, embroidery thread, India ink, needle
Transmigration of the SOLD
(2007) Wool Yarn
Transmigration of the SOLD
(2007) Portfolio and letterpress print
Transmigration of the SOLD: Community Alert
(2001) Performance, video 2 min 50 sec
Rajkamal  Kahlon
Model for Dummyboard, Untitled Painting No. 2
(2008) Mixed media installation
Catarina  Leit„o
"Weatherproof" accordian book
(2007) Letterpress printed from polymer plates and sumi ink painted by hand
(2007) Set of four prints
(2008) Letterpress printed from polymer plates and sumi ink painted by hand
Tattfoo  Tan
Bread Rock
(2007) Letterpress
Fax Paper Ink Painting
(2006) Heat-sensitive fax paper, glue gun, hair dryer
First Impression
(2007) Letterpress

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