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Cynthia Thompson
July 12, 2007 - September 15, 2007

Cynthia Thompson

Featured Artist Project organized by Alexander Campos

The work of Cynthia Thompson explores themes of religion and the human body. Raised in a Catholic tradition her work references Adam and Eve and St. Theresa, while exploring issues of body image, beauty, desire, vulnerability, imperfection and body-centered guilt. Using handmade paper pigmented to resemble flesh, flocking the surface with powdered soap, the materials evoke the subject as do the images of hands and bodies.

Cynthia  Thompson
(2006) Diptych
Letterpress and silscreen on handmade paper with clocked powdered soap, etched glass text
Body Language
(2002) Letterpress on handmade abaca paper
(2005) Letterpress on handmade translucent paper
Selected for Hand Papermaking Magazine's Innovative Printmaking on Handmade Paper portfolio
(2005) French fold accordion binding housed in a handmade clamshell box, letterpress and digital imagery on handmade pigmented cotton paper; published by the Women's Stuio Workshop
(2006) Digital imagery, letterpress printing on handmade paper, handmade cotton, accordion.
Edition of 25
Courtesy of the artist
(2007) Digital imagery on handmade paper with watermark
(2006) Blizzard binding, embossed imagery and burned text on handmade linen/ cotton paper with watermark image on the cover
Within the Veil
(2007) Letterpress, digital imagery, debossing, and pulp painting on handmade pigmented cotton paper
Selected for Hand Papermaking Magazine's Calligraphy poerfolio

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