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Black/White [and Read]
April 13, 2007 - June 30, 2007

Black/White [and Read]

Organized by Gloria Helfgott, Artist and Independent Curator

Black/White [and Read] seeks to advance an artistic challenge-to deliver a powerful graphic statement, eschewing color, and utilizing solely black and white imagery. Through these book objects, the public reads works of art without being seduced by color or even text. The theme pervading this exhibition is that the black and white book becomes a symbolic form of censorship by the limitation forced upon the work. It blurs out information by the economy of its means and, with its dichotomous forces, it can shed light on universal themes. It is more than just showing artist’s books or objects, but surrounding them with ideas that emphasize their importance in the construction of our histories.

This exhibition reflects the complexity of matching only two colors (which some observers will not consider colors at all, but only shadows and textures) with individual interpretation and emotional response to its symbolism, such as life/death, good /evil, night/day.

Black/White [and Read] will lay bare the bones of the book and thus will manifest the strength of image and structure. Works by 15 book artists will be featured including Maria Barbosa, Geri Boggs, Inge Bruggemann, Doug Beube, Beatrice Coron, Pamela Drix, Bill Hendricks, Charles Hobson, Kumi Korf, Mary Ellen Long, Barbara Lazerus Metz, Werner Pfieffer, Pia Pizzo, Lise Poirier, Stephen Sidelinger, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Alice Simpson, Beth Thielen, Mary Ting, Nik Tongas, Susann Wilber, Ana Wolf, Arne Wolf, Crista Wolf.

Tania  Baban
Recipe with Dogs
(2007) Inkjet Print on Stonehenge, mixed media, plush fabric
Maria  Barbosa
Theatre of War
(2006) Mixed media, silkscreen and inkjet prints
Toy II
(2006) Mixed media, etching monoprint and inkjet prints
Douglas  Beube
A Void: Consonants and Vowels (after Georges Perec)
(2006) Altered page
Italian to English Speakers
(2007) Altered book, recorded voice
Recorded voice- Manuela Ferrari
Audio Assistance- Greg Boas
Audio Editing- Michelle Leftheris
Twisted Meanings
(2006) Altered dictionary
G. R.  Boggs
(2006) Mixed media, eggshell mosaics, porcelain egg, wood, paper, scrolls, xerography
The New Middle East
(2006) Mixed media, xerography, accordian binding
Inge  Bruggemann
Impact: Shades of Gray
(2006) Letterpress printing on vellum, plexiglass, post binding
Beatrice  Coron
Artists Statements
(2006) Cut paper and inkjet prints on Arches, accordian binding
Fleurs d'Insomnie
(2006) Cut Arches paper
Pamela  Drix
The Bitter Cup
(2005) Altered book, mixed media
Charles  Hobson & Kay Bradner
R. O. W. (A Consideration of the Right of Way Rules for Sailboats)
(2006) Linoleum relief print with cutouts, corrugated cover, cleat and line
Kumi  Korf
Rock Garden
(2006) Lithograph and etching, handmade box
Waves at My Side
(2007) Lithograph and etchin, handmade box
Barbara  Lazerus-Metz
Zebra Alphabet
(1998) Rubber stamps, ink on Rives BFK, embossed leather covers
Susan  Leopold
A Labyrinthine World of Correlations
(1995) Wood, glass lens, spray paint, sintra, B&W photographs
Mary Ellen  Long
(2006) 7 books, mixed media, ink on Japanese paper, sand, board
Memory, Black and White
(2006) Cast paper on forest detritus, natural materials, Sumi ink, inkjet prints
Werner  Pfeiffer
All That's Left
(1992) Book covered with gesso and crumpled page
Foldout Book #2
(2006) Hand-cut, hand painted Strathmore paper
Pia  Pizzo
Ab Initio
(2006) Ink and acrylics on Arches and rice paper
The Holy Sound
(2006) Ink and watercolors on Lamma Li and rice paper
Lise  Poirier
Vox Natura
(2006) Collage reproduction on Strathmore
What's New?
(2004) Collage, India ink on found paper, accordian binding
Stephen  Sidelinger
Cavafy Poems
(2006) Ink-heighted with white and collage, silk bookcloth
(2005) Ink on KromeKote paper, accordian binding
Selected Twentieth Century French Poetry
(2007) Ink and gouache on Strathmore paper, black velvet, inlaid paper labels
Robbin Ami  Silverberg
(2003) Calligraphy on handmade Abaca and flax papers
Proverbial Threads
(2006) Archival inkjet print
Simulacrum (detail)
(2004) 3 of 9 panels
Handmade paper, glass, lights
Thoughts in the Form of a Letter
(2003) Pulp-painted and cut Abaca paper
Alice  Simpson
One for the Book
(2005) Offset printed Monadnock silk paper, accordian binding in origami enclosure, with DVD
Beth  Thielen
(2007) Made with inmate artists from San Quentin State Prison and the California Rehabilitation Center
Photocopy on Stonehenge paper, Canapetta bookcloth, model train figures
Beth  Thielen & Katya McCullouch
Tower Book
(2007) Linoleum prints on Arches paper, Canapetta bookcloth
Mary  Ting
Book of Grief
(2006) Collograph on mulberry paper, wax, accordian binding
Nik  Tongas
Callosamia Promethea
(2005) Steel and zinc
Susann  Wilbur
Persephone's Passage I
(2006) Pen and ink, paint on Japanese papers with mixed media, handmade box
Anna  Wolf
Symphony of A's (or One of Rimbaud's Follies)
(1999) Offset printing on Canson and Magnani, accordian binding
Christa  Wolf
(2006) Artist Book, Etching, Asian Paper, Black Handmade paper, string, foam button
White Noise
(2007) Artist Book, cut outs on vellum

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