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The Only Book
January 20, 2006 - April 1, 2006

organized by  Sara  Reisman

The Only Book brings together a range of artworks that allude to the coincidence of an increasingly technology-based media environment with a new form of minimalism. Referencing a recent media campaign which suggested that a collection of books can be replaced by a single electronic device, The Only Book questions the authoritative qualities appointed to a single book, publication, periodical, or technological interface. Some of the ideas behind The Only Book revolve around how technology produces minimalism in terms of aesthetics and content; the way that information overload can lead to superficial knowledge; and how the notion of the obsolescence of books as an information technology might contribute to new ideas about intelligence.
Vito  Acconci
(1967) Poem inkjet printed on paper
Manuel  Acevedo
Untitled (Flipbooks #1-6 from Journal Entries of 2004)
(2006) Inkjet on card stock with rag paper
Untitled (Military Park)
(2005) Book and digital prints on watercolor paper with black aluminum
Richard  Artschwager
Untitled (Quotation Marks)
(1980) Formica on painted wood in two parts
Douglas  Beube
Inside Macintosh
(2004) Altered book
Robert  Charlton
Zero Through Nine
(2003) Lithograph on stained Rives Lightweight paper
Anne  Deleporte
(2006) Paint on newspaper
Nicolás Dumit  Estévez
Backpack from For Art's Sake
(2004) Mixed media
Devotional Guide For Art's Sake
(2005) Letterpress printed on hand decorated Arched MBM paper, hot stamped velvet cover with tassel
Pilgrimage to El Museo del Barrio from For Art's Sake
(2005) Performance stills on DVD
Tara  Fracalossi
Archive Excerpt: Brown Fašade
(2006) Installation, photocopies on paper
Sharon  Gilbert
More is Less More or Less
(1990) Poster size newspaper insert
Pablo  Helguera
Dead Languages Conservatory
(2005) 30 pieces; playable wax cylinders recordings
Emily  Jacir
Sexy Semite
(2002) Personal ads in the Village Voice; Reproduced newspaper articles
Airan  Kang
Untitled (Book Projection from Digital Book Series)
(2006) Video projector, media book, plastic table, and computer hard disc
Untitled (Column: Recent Philosophy, Our Bodies, Ourselves, Orwell, The Virtual Book, Making it Happen, from Virtual Book Series)
(2006) Installation of 5 books; mixed media
Anish  Kapoor
Turning the World
(2005) World atlas, painted cover and slip case with letterpress. Published by Carolina Nitsch, New York, for the New Museum of Comtemporary Art
Nina  Katchadourian
"Hamlet" from "Composition"
(2001) C print
Reynard  Loki
Thought for Food (Understanding Media)
(2006) Chewed book pages, glass, jar, wine
Olu  Oguibe
The Last Book from Unreadable Book Series
(2002) Ceramic
Jenny  Perlin
My Eighteenth Brumaire
(2006) Book and drawing, colored pencil and ink on paper
Martha  Rosler
A Book of Time
(2006) Mixed media
Robert  The
(2006) Altered book, silicon water with dies, cigarette

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