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Painted: Over Pages
June 1, 1982 - June 30, 1982

small scale book art exhibits: works by Jacqueline Freedman (all acrylic; on paper except where noted)

organized by  Norman B.  Colp

Jacqueline  Freedman
Art Forum Vol II
Artwork from Artforum, Vol. I
(1980) Acrylic paint on Artforum Magazine
Capitol USA, Wash DC
(1982) photographs
Frank Lloyd Wright Houses, Chi Ill
(1982) photographs
Janie's Volks, Chi Ill
(1982) photographs
Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe
(1982) photographs
Lewis Mittman's Furniture Catalog
Phyllis' Folder Vol I
Phyllis' Folder Vol II
Pigs, West Cummington, Mass
(1982) photographs
Queens Museum Catalog
Taxi NY
(1982) photographs

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