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Love and Romance
August 1, 1992 - August 1, 1992

1992 Artist Members Exhibition (22 works by 22 artists)

Shirley Venit  Anger
Songs of Marriage, Songs of Love
Miriam  Cassell
As She Walks in Peace
Tennessee Rice  Dixon
A Moment Waiting to Launch
Christopher  Erb
Bleeding from the Mouth
Edeard A.  Fausty
L., Looking
Martha  Fuller
Susan Kapuscinski  Gaylord
Book of the Goddess
Edward H.  Hutchins
Mail Bonding
Susan  Johanknecht
Eat Book
Rochelle Rubinstein  Kaplan
Demon Lover
Babette  Katz
He - She
(1992) Linocut book unique copy
Elena  Laza
Stephanie Brody  Lederman
Setting the Table for Romance
Kate  Maynell
Eat Book
Ruth  McGurk
The ABC of Lechery
Richard  Minsky
Minsky in Bed
(1988) Edition Color Master
Teresa  Pankrantz
Pas de Deux
Felicia  Rice
De Amor Oscuro/Of Dark Love
Miriam  Schaer
Wedding March
Genie  Shenk
Looking for Love
Cheryl  Solomon
Condom Cages
Tatooed Diaphragm
Various Spillage

from the Semen Series

Bill  Sweeney
Claire Van  Vliet

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