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The Open Book
April 1, 1982 - April 30, 1982

small scale book art exhibits: works of Bruce Bacon -- cast plaster, acrylic paint and some with wood or mixed media

organized by  Norman B.  Colp

Bruce  Bacon
Anatomy of Mechanical Bluebirds, The
Bacon's Study of Geometry and Metaphysics from Euclid to Magritte
Book of Sky Cabinetry, The
(1982) Cast plaster, mixed media
(1981) cast plaster with mixed media
Fragments of a Porcelain Doll
Golden Book of Doll Archaeology with Footnotes, The
Infinite Book of Staircase Design and Construction with M C Escher, The
M. Magritte Addresses the Problem of the Apple in Space
(1982) Cast plaster, mixed media
Psychological Attraction of Closed Doors, The
Skywriting Book
(1982) Cast plaster, mixed media
Travelling by Light Plane Through a Wedgewood Sky with Friedman and Jacobs

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